Tributo a Barni
Cover Album
Released 1996
Label Discos DCO
Produced by Oscar Gonzalez S.
Succeeded by

Tributo a Barni was a Spanish cover album of Barney songs. Tracks were based on the ones on Las Canciones de Barney.


(Track names are from the album itself, so they may be inaccurate to the actual Spanish titles of Barney songs)

  1. Tema de Barney
  2. Si Todas Las Gotas de Lluvia
  3. Y el Pasto Verde Crecía Alredador
  4. Manzanas y Bananas
  5. Sally el Camello
  6. La Cancion de la Hermana
  7. Lubilu
  8. Te Quiero
  9. Mi Familia Me Gusta Así
  10. En La Granja de Mi Abuelo
  11. Mi Osito y Yo
  12. Bombachito
  13. Los Bomberos van Deprisa
  14. Trabajo en el Ferrocarril
  15. Diez Amigos


  • Barney is spelled "Barni" in the album title, as the producers of the CD were trying to avoid paying royalties to Tycoon Entertainment (the Latin American distributors of Barney videos and music).

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