Barney Songs
The Weather Riddle Song
Written by Bob Singleton
Usage Discontinued Use (Last Appearance in Grown-Ups for a Day!)
Alphabet Chant
The Shape Song

The Weather Riddle Song is an original Barney song that first appeared in "Barney Goes to School".


What falls down out of the sky?
Splashing down from up so high.
Makes things wet that once we're dry.
It's the rain, rain, rain.
What comes up at the break of day?
Brightly shines while we sing and play.
In the evening, what goes away.
It's the sun, sun, sun.
What makes winter look so white
And falls down softly through the night.
Very cold and oh so light,
It's the snow, snow, snow.
What blows by, but can't be seen?
And makes noise on the window screen.
And when it hits the trees, they lean.
It's the wind, wind, wind.


Barney Song Used In...

  1. Barney Goes to School
  2. Grown-Ups for a Day!

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