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The Three Little Pigs is a fairy tale story that appeared in the episodes such as Home Sweet HomesIs Everybody Happy?It's Home to Me, and Special Skills.


Three pigs set out to build their house, when suddenly a wolf attempts to break-in.

|Home Sweet Homes |Is Everybody Happy? |It's Home to Me |Special Skills

Michael - Narrator / Wolf

Kathy - Curly Tail Pig

Tosha - Whirly Tail Pig

Tina - Swirly Tail Pig

Barney - Narrator

Robert - Pig 1 and 2

Chip - Pig 3 and Wolf

Stella the Storyteller - Narrator

Emily - Pig 1

Stephen - Pig 2

Hannah - Pig 3

Danny - Wolf  | Barney - Narrator

Abigail - Big Pig

Jackson - Middle Pig

Rachel - Little Pig

Baby Bop - Wolf


Template:SarahBriner12 Curly Tail, Whirly Tail And Swirly Tail Pig Jana Briner Stump Is (Sarah's Aunt) And (Justin's Mother) Big Bad Wolf

Justin Is (Sarah's Cousin) And Jana Stump (Justin's Mother) When Jana attempts to Blow Down Houses Which One Is a House Made Of Straw, Justin Is Also Appeared A Year Of 09-03-2006, Jana Stump (Justin's Mother) She's Able To Blow A Straw And Stick Houses, She's Unable To Blow A House Is Made Of Bricks, She's Unable To Catch Sarah, Sarah Elizabeth Briner, (Jana's Niece) Sarah Is Managed To Escape Form It, I Was Scared, Said Sarah And Really I Was, I Was Squealed Fright Top Of My Lungs And Say, Excuse Me, And Well Excuse You,

Jana Stump (Sarah's Aunt) Jana Has A Bad Heart, Then I'll Huff, And I'll Puff, And I'll Blow Your House Down, Growled Jana, And She Likes A Lot Of Teasing And Huffing And Puffing And Chasing After Sarah And Growled, Out Of Breath, Jana Got Blow Herself Out, Jana Fell Down To Floor, She Closes Her Eyes And Her Heart Got So Weak, And She Can't Get A Another Huff And Another Puff, Jana's Chest Starts To Pumping, Sarah Felt Very Bad, Justin Saw His Mother Laying On Floor, What Happened, Said Justin, Jana Opens Her Eyes And She Got Up, She Saw Sarah And How Frightened Sarah Is, Sarah? Hey Girl, I'm So Sorry That I Didn't Mean To Blow Your House Down, And I'm So Sorry That You're Scared, Jana And Sarah Became Be a family Again, Jana Gives Sarah Hug And Carry Her And Rubs Sarah's Back And Tickle Her (Jana's Son) Narrator

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