Barney Songs
The T Game
Written by Joe Phillips
When I'm Old Enough to Join the Team
Riding in a Race Car

The T Game is a Barney song that only appeared in Now I Know My ABCs and Easy as ABC. It is a variation to the song, The N Game.


Can you think of word that starts with a 'T'

that rhymes with the word I say.

If you know a few words beginning with 'T',

then I think we're ready to play.

Here it goes!

See. Tea.

Pail. Tail.

Nickel. Tickle.

Hose. Toes.

Can you think of other words that start with a 'T'

that rhyme with the word I say.

If you know some more words beginning with 'T',

then let's continue to play.

Here we go now!

Free. Tree.

Vest. Test.

Nap, Tap.

Light. Tight.

Well, that was fun and you sure named a lot

of words that began with 'T'.

If we're ever just looking for something to do,

we should play this game again.

Last time now!

Bag. Tag.

Pail. Tail.

Nickel. Tickle.

See. Tea.

Game. Tame.

Fun. Ton.

We're all done!

Barney Song Used In...

  1. Now I Know My ABCs (Scene Taken from: Easy as ABC)
  2. Easy as ABC (actual debut)

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