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The Sleeping Princess is a children's song that first appeared in Barney's Sleepytime Songs. However, it's first appearance in the TV series was in Trading Places.


There was a pretty princess.

A princess, a princess.

There was a pretty princess long ago.

A spell was cast upon her.

Upon her, upon her.

A spell was cast upon her long ago.

The castle was enchanted.

Enchanted, enchanted.

The castle was enchanted long ago.

A hundred years she slept there.

She slept there, she slept there.

A hundred years she slept there long ago.

The thorns would pick around it.

Around it, around it.

The thorns would pick around it long ago.

A handsome prince came riding.

Came riding, came riding.

A handsome prince came riding long ago.

He woke up pretty princess.

The princess, the princess.

He woke up pretty princess long ago.

They had a royal wedding.

A wedding, a wedding.

They had a royal wedding long ago.

They live their lives together.

Together, together.

They live their lives together long ago.

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