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The Park is where Barney and his friends like to play everyday from Season 7 until now. From the original Barney settings, more people are seen in it besides Barney and the kids.

The Park

The park has a playground with swings and a slide. There is also a gazebo where they can put on performances, a shed where Mr. Boyd used to work, and a pond.

The Park also has an idea bench. The Idea Bench is a spinning bench in the park. The idea bench is where the kids sit if they want to go round and around or they'll sit in it if they want to think of an idea. The idea bench also has a song.

The Park with night fall

The Caboose

In the park there is a huge red caboose next to it. The Caboose is kind of a replacement for the treehouse.

The caboose has couches so the kids can sit and read. They can get there books in the caboose library. There's even a stage in the caboose (with curtains) so they can put on a show! In the caboose are lots of toys and arts and crafts (which is in the drawer). The caboose has a look out to see who is coming and also has tile flooring.

Set Renovations

Sing Your Song
  • In Season 10 there have been renovations to the park. The gazebo roof was taken off and inside the caboose is now a closet.
  • The Closet is where Barney's friends appear from or go in. Like the time Mother Goose came or the time Barney & Melanie went inside to Santa's workshop (A Visit to Santa).
  • Magical Musical Stepping Stones have been added, where the stepping stones light up.