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The Lyons Group was founded in 1988, and produced, as well as handled distribution of Barney and the Backyard Gang, the predecessor to the popular Barney & Friends.  In the first three BYG videos, the backing music was a track of a toy piano playing the first three notes of "I Love You," whilst in Waiting for SantaCampfire Sing-Along, and Barney Goes to School, the track changed to a synthesizer piano and a synthesized French Horn track.  In 1991, the company later produced and distributed Barney and Friends and other television shows under the name Lyrick Studios. The Lyons Group was originally a division of DLM (Dallas Learning Materials), a company owned by Richard C. Leach. Once Barney became successful, Lyons became its own company and began using the alternative name, Lyons Partnership L.P. In the late 1990s, Lyons became a division of a new company called, Lyrick Studios. In 2001, the company was later bought by HIT Entertainment (however is under copyright holders, as Lyons Partnership).


The Lyons Group Logo (1988-1989)00:09

The Lyons Group Logo (1988-1989)

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The Lyons Group Logo (Widescreen)

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