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The Emperor's Contest is a fairy tale story that first appeared in the episode of "the same name".


Once upon a time, there was a wise, old emperor who ruled the country of china. As Riff played the gong, the children scurried to attention. The Great Emperor entered the palace and told everyone what he called them here for. The Emperor was getting really old and he wants to chose one of them to become the new emperor.

The Emperor of China wanted to find someone who was brave and honest to take his place. The Emperor gave everyone a seed. He will choose by seeing who can take care of their plant for over 1 year and then bring it back. No matter how big or small it is. Then he will choose China's next emperor. Ling was going to take good care of his plant so the emperor will be pleased.


Ling was very good at growing plants. he found a good strong pot, filled it with some dirt, and carefully planted the seed. He made sure it had water everyday. But nothing was growing from The Emperor's seed and that made Ling mad. Finally a whole year passed and the seed still hasn't grown into a plant. Ling's friend then walked up. Ling told him that his plant hasn't grown. His friend told him to take one of his other plants. Ling told him that wouldn't be honest. He would just tell The Emperor the truth.

Everyone returned to the palace. The Emperor was amazed on how the seeds grew. The Emperor then saw how Ling's plant didn't grow. Ling didn't know what he did, even though he tried really hard to make it grow. The Emperor then announced that Ling was China's new emperor! Everyone was confused. The Emperor chose Ling because he was brave and honest. The seeds the emperor gave were rotten seeds. They couldn't grow anything. He was testing their courage and honesty and it took Ling to do both and bring back an empty pot. The rest of the children changed the seed he gave to them. Ling was the only one who passed The Emperor's test so Ling will be China's new Emperor. And that's the story of The Emperor's Contest.

Master and ling


Children's Story Used In...

  1. The Emperor's Contest
  2. Once Upon a Dino-Tale (Scene Taken from: The Emperor's Contest)
  3. Story Time with Barney (Episode Featured: The Emperor's Contest)

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