The Barney Boogie (album)
Original Album
Released March 9, 2004
Length 28:08
Label Koch Records
HIT Entertainment
Produced by Joe Phillips
Preceded by Start Singing With Barney
Succeeded by Barney's Colorful World! LIVE!

The Barney Boogie is an album that was released on on March 9, 2004. It was inspired by the song entitled of "the same name".


  1. The Barney Boogie
  2. Find the Numbers in Your House
  3. Our Friend Barney Had A Band
  4. Indoor-Outdoor Voices
  5. Old King Cole
  6. Nursery Rhyme Medley: (Mary Had a Little Lamb, Hickory Dickory Dock, Pat-A-Cake, Jack and Jill, & This Little Piggy)
  7. The Airplane Song
  8. Mr. Knickerbocker
  9. We Like Trucks
  10. Make Way for the Truck
  11. The Dino Dance
  12. Rock Like a Monkey
  13. I Love You


  • This album marked:
    • The first album not to be released under the Barney Music label.
  • This album was released the same day as Movin' and Groovin'.
  • The front cover of this soundtrack album is the same as the front cover from Movin' and Groovin'.
  • The audio of "Nursery Rhyme Medley" is taken from Barney Rocks!, only it's dubbed with Dean Wendt's voice and the vocals from Baby Bop and BJ are removed.
  • Baby Bop wasn't heard in this album, but she was seen on the back cover. BJ also isn't heard in this album either.
  • This album was released in the UK as a bonus CD on the UK DVD, "Riff's Musical Zoo".  

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