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Barney & Friends Episode
That's What a Mommy Is
Season 11, Episode 15B
Air date October 5, 2007
Written by Debbie Boyle Perry
Directed by Fred Holmes
Theme Appreciating Caregivers
Episode Guide
Dream Big
The Shrinking Blankey

"That's What a Mommy Is" is the second part of the fifteenth episode from the eleventh season of Barney & Friends.


After seeing many moms playing with their kids in the park, Baby Bop is curious. She wonders what makes somebody a mommy. With Barney's help, she learns all about what makes mommies so special!

Song List

  1. Hush, Little Baby
  2. Me and My Teddy
  3. Everybody Needs a Nap (Scene Taken from: Butterflies)
  4. Hooray for Moms and Dads
  5. I Love You



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