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Here's a list of the 30 things I want for the new seasons of Barney & Friends.

The 30 Things I Want For The New Seasons Of Barney & Friends

  1. For the Season 6 Barney doll, and the Season 6 Barney costume to return.
  2. For Bob West to return as Barney's voice actor, and David Joyner to return as Barney's costume performer.
  3. For the 1997-2007 Baby Bop costume to return, and for Jeff Ayers to return as Baby Bop's costume performer.
  4. For the 1997-2001 BJ costume to return, and for Jeff Brooks to return as BJ's costume performer. And also bring back BJ's trademark whistle, which would let us know of his arrival. And let it be the same whistle he had in Seasons 2-3.
  5. For them to give Dean Wendt one more home video to voice Barney in. So that Barney's original voice actor Bob West can permanently return of course.
  6. For them to bring back Dean Barnett as the announcer for the home video previews.
  7. For Lyrick Studios to come back in business, as the rightful owners of the Barney franchise again.
  8. For them to keep using the regular version of The Barney Theme Song, and NOT that god-awful 2010 hip-hop remix. And let it be the rendition from concerts such as Barney's Open House and Barney's Colorful World!, except this time, don't shorten it. Let the entire song play. I also want them to always play the song as an underscore whenever Barney comes to life, or makes his entrances in a clip-show. And also bring back the previous Barney & Friends logo. The one that was used in Seasons 3-6.
  9. For more discontinued Barney songs to return. Songs like Imagine, S-M-I-L-E, I Put a Smile On, Let's Go On An Adventure, The Adventure Song, BJ's Song, Indoor-Outdoor Voices, The Classroom Song, You've Got to Be You, The Fall Song, Welcome to Our Treehouse, Let's Play Together, It's a Beautiful Day, It's a Great Day, That's Hats, That's How You Make Rock-N-Roll, Sour Pickle Face, Hello, Goodbye, The Clean Up Clock, Skating, Skating, Sledding, Sledding, Hey Santa Claus, The Weather Riddle Song, Swimming, Swimming, This is the Way We Walk the Beach, This is the Way We Leave the Beach, The Wind (as a full song), Barney's Silly Pigs (as a full song), In the Car and Having Fun (as a full song), When I Walk Across The Street, Look Both Ways, Buckle Up My Seatbelt, Seven Days, Hooray! It's Your Birthday, Happy Birthday to Me, The Exercise Song, Move Your Body, Exercising, Won't You Come and Join Me?, Do Some Exercise, Respect, Mr. Star (with its original lyrics), Look at Me I'm Dancing! (the regular version), No Matter What The Name, No Matter Where They Are, Saying "Be Careful" Means I Love You, and many more. I also want them to stop shortening the songs Just Imagine, Books Are Fun!, Try and Try Again, and The Having Fun Song.
  10. For The Barney Bag to return, along with the song that always went with it. And I'd like for the song to always be extended, just like in Barney Live! In New York City.
  11. For them to bring back more characters like Professor Tinkerputt, Pop Wheely, The Winkster, Mother Goose, Dr. TickTock, Farmer Dooley and his wife Mrs. Dooley, The Queen Of Hearts, and Mr. Tenagain. Along with their theme songs. And also for them to permanently bring back Mr. Boyd, Stella the Storyteller, Scooter McNutty, and Miss Etta Kette.
  12. For them to bring back reruns of past seasons.
  13. For every season finale to have an episode that talks about uniqueness and being yourself.
  14. For them to keep having guests on some episodes.
  15. For them to make more Let's Go home videos.
  16. For them to bring back Barney's car, aka The Barney Mobile.
  17. For Joe Phillips's musical score to be exactly the way it was in videos like Barney's Musical Castle, Be My Valentine, Love Barney, Let's Go to the Zoo, and Come on Over to Barney's House.
  18. For Bob Singleton and David Bernard Wolf to also return as alternate musical directors, for some of the home videos, while Joe Phillips is still the main musical director.
  19. For there to be another home video with Tim Dever voicing Barney, and then for them to make another home video taking place at Barney's House. And this time let Duncan Brannan have the chance to actually voice Barney alone throughout that entire video. That can happen before Bob West officially returns.
  20. For them to go back to using the school, playground, and treehouse settings. And let them be exactly how they were in the Seasons 4-6.
  21. As for the sparkles that bring Barney to life, as well as making the Barney doll wink at the end, which are also the same sparkles that make Baby Bop, BJ, and Riff disappear whenever they leave, bring back the same sparkly animation from Seasons 2-6.
  22. For them to bring back Stephen White as the head writer for the franchise, and Mark S. Bernthal as another major writer for the franchise, and bring back Jim Rowley as the head director for the franchise, and Bruce Deck as another major director for the series.
  23. For Philip Parker to also return as one of the main songwriters for the series.
  24. For the main rendition of I Love You to be a mix of the ones that were used in Barney's Musical Castle, and Come on Over to Barney's House. And for the song to play as an underscore whenever the kids say goodbye to Barney at the end of each episode/video.
  25. For Barney to do The Barney Shake again, and for the magic words Shimbaree, Shimbarah to return.
  26. For Sheryl Leach, Kathy Parker, and Dennis DeShazer to return as the executive producers of the series.
  27. For them to permanently bring back the Barney Says segments at the end of each episode. And for each Barney Says segment to start with some random kid(s) saying "Hey everybody! It's time for Barney Says!" And speaking of kids, I also want for them to put at least 5-6 kids in each episode/home video/live concert.
  28. For them to go back to the 20 episode formula for each season. And they can start by giving us a real Season 14. That so-called fake ass "Season 14" does not count. I want a real Season 14. And then move forward to other seasons of course.
  29. For them to make another theatrical Barney movie. But this time, make a Barney movie that actually feels like one. By involving the ENTIRE staff production team that's behind the series, and also including songs from the series, to make it feel more like a Barney movie.
  30. For Barney's 30th Anniversary home video to go full nostalgia, by showing clips from all the classic years of Barney (1988-early 2002), as well as showing some clips from the modern years (2002-present). Basically balancing. And also bring back a lot of memorable alumni cast members from every single past era. I guarantee it'll be miles better than that half-assed 20th anniversary home video The Best of Barney. --LyrickStudiosFan93 (talk) 02:56, October 24, 2016 (UTC)

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