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Barney Home Video
Sharing is Caring!
Release Date August 11, 2009
Rereleased No
Available on DVD Yes
Written by Michael Anthony Steele
Directed by Ben Vaughn
Barney's Book Fair
Barney's Jungle Friends

Sharing is Caring is a Barney episode video released on August 11, 2009.


Sharing is Caring

Mr. Boyd is holding a toy drive in the park and everyone is contributing. However, Baby Bop does not want to give any of her toys away. So, Barney teaches her that sharing makes others happy!

A Picture of Friendship

When the kids forget to draw BJ in a team picture, BJ thinks that he is not their friend anymore

Song List

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Home on the Range
  3. Taking Turns
  4. When You Have a Ball
  5. My Yellow Blankey
  6. Have a Snack!
  7. Once Upon a Time
  8. The Sharing Hen
  9. Share Your Stuff
  10. I Love You
  11. Barney Theme Song
  12. Gonna Play Baseball
  13. Being Together
  14. This Is Not My Day
  15. I Can See It on Your Face
  16. The Friendship Song
  17. The Idea Song
  18. Friend of Mine
  19. That is What it Means to Be A Friend
  20. What a Baseball Day!
  21. I Love You

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