This video is not to be confused with the home video of the same name.

Barney & Friends Episode
Sharing Is Caring!
Season 8, Episode 3
Air date September 17, 2003
Written by Michael Anthony Steele
Directed by Fred Holmes
Theme Sharing
Episode Guide
On Again, Off Again
Here Kitty, Kitty!

"Sharing Is Caring!" is the third episode from the eighth season of Barney & Friends. It's a semi-remake of "Caring Means Sharing".


The children bring toys to donate to Mr. Boyd's toy drive. Baby Bop doesn't want to give away any of her things at first, but the others help her discover the joy of sharing.

Stories: The Sharing Hen


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Home on the Range
  3. Taking Turns
  4. When You Have a Ball
  5. My Yellow Blankey
  6. Have a Snack!
  7. Once Upon a Time
  8. The Sharing Hen
  9. Share Your Stuff
  10. I Love You


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