Season 5
Season 5, Episodes 89-108
Executive Producers Dennis DeShazer
Writers Stephen White
Mark S. Bernthal
Perri Verdino-Gates
Donna Cooner
Heidi B. Kirby
Troy Charles
Directors Steven Feldman
Fred Holmes
Jim Rowley
Jeff Gittle
Musical Directors Joe Phillips
Production Company Lyrick Studios
Connecticut Public Television
Season Premiere November 2, 1998
Season Finale November 27, 1998
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Season 5 of Barney & Friends aired from November 2 to November 27, 1998.




Season 5 Cast (From Barney Newsletter: Summer 1998)




Guest Appearances


# Total Image Title Writer Director Original Airdate
1 89 Booksarefun "Books Are Fun!" Stephen White Steven Feldman November 2, 1998
When Curtis becomes too much like Booker T. Bookworm, Barney and the kids remind him that its best to just be yourself.

New Barney Songs: None

2 90 Tradingplaces "Trading Places" Stephen White Fred Holmes November 3, 1998
Baby Bop and BJ switch identities for the day to learn a valuable lesson of coping with jealousy.

New Barney Songs: None

3 91 Safetyfirst "Safety First!" Mark S. Bernthal Steven Feldman November 4, 1998
Safety Officer Baby Bop helps the kids learn valuable safety rules at school and at play. When a crow steals nuts from Scooter McNutty, Miss Etta reminds him to be careful around strangers.

New Barney Songs: Tell a Grown-Up Friend, Saying "Be Careful" Means I Love You

4 92 Circleoffriends "Circle of Friends" Heidi B. Kirby Jim Rowley November 5, 1998
After BJ eats too many pancakes, Barney and the kids help him overcome his fear of round objects.

New Barney Songs: The Tummy Song

5 93 Theoneandonlyyou "The One And Only You" Perri Verdino-Gates Steven Feldman November 6, 1998
After Kristen wishes that she had a sister to play with, Barney reminds her that every family is special.

New Barney Songs: None

6 94 Barneysband "Barney's Band" Troy Charles Fred Holmes November 9, 1998
Barney and the kids have fun playing with musical instruments and marching. After Mr. Boyd's band cancels a band concert, Barney invites his band friends to perform at the school.

New Barney Songs: When I'm Old Enough to Join the Band

7 95 Tryityoulllikeit "Try It, You'll Like It!" Perri Verdino-Gates Steven Feldman November 10, 1998
Danny is nervous about speaking in front of his class because he has never done it before. Baby Bop is worried about sleeping with the light off for the first time. Barney ensures them that trying new things is fun!

New Barney Songs: You Might Like Something New, I Can Do It, I Can Do

8 96 Colorsallaroundepisode "Colors All Around" Donna Cooner Fred Holmes November 11, 1998
Mr. Boyd needs some assistance in picking a color for the school hallway. With some help from Barney's special color hat, the kids have fun with colors.

New Barney Songs: I Put a Smile On

9 97 Howdyfriends "Howdy, Friends!" Stephen White Steven Feldman November 12, 1998
Barney takes the kids to a dude ranch.

New Barney Songs: My Jeans are Always Blue

10 98 Sevendaysaweek "Seven Days A Week" Mark S. Bernthal Fred Holmes November 13, 1998
BJ can't wait for his exciting camping trip. To help pass time, Barney and the kids help him plan activities to do over the next week.

New Barney Songs: I Love to Read, This is the Day We Grow the Corn

11 99 Hiddentreasures "Hidden Treasures" Troy Charles Steven Feldman November 16, 1998
After cleaning the treehouse, Barney shows the kids how they can recycle "yesterday's throw-aways" to "today's treasures".

New Barney Songs: None

12 100 Aroyalwelcome "A Royal Welcome" Stephen White Steven Feldman November 17, 1998
Old King Cole informs Barney and the kids that he will visit the school soon. So to make him feel at home, the kids transform the treehouse into a Great Hall.

New Barney Songs: None

13 101 Sweetashoney "Sweet As Honey" Perri Verdino-Gates Jim Rowley November 18, 1998
The kids are placing fresh flowers out in the school's windowbox garden. Mr. Boyd shows the kids his bee farm.

New Barney Songs: None

14 102 Firstthingsfirst "First Things First!" Mark S. Bernthal Fred Holmes November 19, 1998
Barney and his friends share a whole day of doing their favorite activities while putting together a special puzzle.

New Barney Songs: Colors Make Me Happy

15 103 Auntrachelishere "Aunt Rachel Is Here!" Troy Charles Steven Feldman November 20, 1998
Barney and the kids help Ashley and Alissa throw a party for their Aunt Rachel and Mother.

New Barney Songs: None

16 104 Itsarainyday "It's A Rainy Day!" Perri Verdino-Gates Jim Rowley November 23, 1998
On a rainy day, Barney explains the importance of rain. Barney and the kids help Baby Bop shows overcome her fear of thunderstorms.

New Barney Songs: Being Together

17 105 Easydoesit "Easy Does It!" Mark S. Bernthal Fred Holmes November 24, 1998
Barney helps the kids figure out how to move a trunk full of things from the classroom to the treehouse. Meanwhile, BJ helps Scooter McNutty gather nuts for the Winter.

New Barney Songs: Riding on a Bike

18 106 Whatsinaname "What's In A Name?" Perri Verdino-Gates Jeff Gittle November 25, 1998
Barney and his friends help Linda learn the letters in her name. Barney hosts a special game show.

New Barney Songs: I Am Learning to Spell My Name, The Alphabet Parade

19 107 Averyspecialmouse "A Very Special Mouse" Perri Verdino-Gates Steven Feldman November 26, 1998
Danny shows the other kids how to work a computer. With some help from The Adventure Screen, Barney shows the kids how computers are used in society.

New Barney Songs: None

20 108 Apackageoffriendship "A Package Of Friendship" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley November 27, 1998
Barney and his friends put together a package for a friend that has moved away.

New Barney Songs: None


  • This season marked:
    • The second season to air in only one month.
    • The first appearances of Emily and Linda.
    • The only season that features Booker T. Bookworm.
    • The final television appearances of Ashley, Alissa, Curtis and Kristen.
    • The final season to have the 1993 PBS Kids logo with the e/i balloon next to the P-Pals.
  • Although the vocals for the Barney Theme Song were rerecorded, the instrumental track remained the same from the previous season. However, international versions used the original vocals from Season 4 while the new vocals were used at the end. Sometimes, the full Season 4 vocals were used. The original vocals appeared again on the screener copy of Be My Valentine, Love Barney.
  • In this season, Marisa Kuers (Hannah) did the funding for the show.
  • Ashley and Alissa never made an appearance with Emily.