Season 2
Season 2, Episodes 31-48
Executive Producers Sheryl Leach
Dennis DeShazer
Kathy Parker
Writers Stephen White
Mark S. Bernthal
Directors Jim Rowley
Bruce Deck
Musical Directors Bob Singleton
Production Company The Lyons Group
Connecticut Public Television
Season Premiere September 27, 1993
Season Finale October 20, 1993
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Season 2 of Barney & Friends aired from September 27 to October 20, 1993.




Guest Appearances


# Total Image Title Writer Director Original Airdate
1 31 Fallingforautumn "Falling For Autumn!" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley September 27, 1993
While discovering the delights of fall, everyone prepares for the school's fall festival.

New Barney Songs: I Like Autumn

2 32 Grands are grand "Grandparents Are Grand!" Stephen White Jim Rowley September 28, 1993
Derek's grandfather and Kathy's grandmother visit the school. When Tina misses her abuelo, she learns that a grandparent's love always exists.

New Barney Songs: No Matter What the Name, No Matter Where They Are

3 33 Mayihelpyou "May I Help You?" Stephen White Jim Rowley September 29, 1993
The kids show Barney their normal school routine. The kids perform "The Three Billy Goats Gruff"

New Barney Songs: Turn Off the Light

4 34 Redblueandcirclestoo "Red, Blue And Circles Too!" Mark S. Bernthal Bruce Deck September 30, 1993
Barney shows his friends that shapes and colors exist all around them.

New Barney Songs: My Yellow Blankey, Wave the Flags

5 35 Honkhonkagooseontheloose "Honk! Honk! A Goose On The Loose!" Stephen White Jim Rowley October 1, 1993
After Clarence the Goose runs away, Mother Goose returns to the school for help. Barney and the children recite their favorite Mother Goose rhymes to lure Clarence back to Mother Goose

New Barney Songs: The Library

6 36 Hoosintheforest "Hoo's In The Forest?" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley October 4, 1993
Barney takes his friends on a trip to a forest.

New Barney Songs: Listen

7 37 Icandothat "I Can Do That!" Stephen White Jim Rowley October 5, 1993
Barney, Baby Bop, and the kids discuss things that they can do. Barney brings out his special tap dancing shoes to tap dance in them.

New Barney Songs: Hello, Goodbye, The Clean Up Clock, Happy Dancin'

8 38 Grownupsforaday "Grown-Ups For A Day!" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley October 6, 1993
By trying on different costumes and hats, the kids pretend to have different careers. Barney brings some friends to the school to show the kids their career.

New Barney Songs: A Silly Hat

9 39 112 "Picture This!" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley October 7, 1993
Barney and the kids spend the day drawing pictures. Tomie dePaola drops by to show the kids how he draws pictures. Barney and the kids collaborate on their own original book.

New Barney Songs: It's Nice Just to Be Me

10 40 Lookatmeimthree "Look At Me, I'm 3!" Stephen White Bruce Deck October 8, 1993
It's Baby Bop's third birthday, so Barney and the kids throw her a surprise birthday party. Baby Bop's brother BJ drops by to join in the fun.

New Barney Songs: Look at Me, I'm Three

11 41 Theexercisecircus "The Exercise Circus!" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley October 11, 1993
Barney and the kids incorporate exercises into circus acts to show Tina that exercising can be fun. Joe Scruggs visits the school to share a silly song.

New Barney Songs: None

12 42 Myfavoritethings "My Favorite Things" Stephen White Jim Rowley October 12, 1993
Barney and his friends learn about favorite things. Joe Ferguson visits to tell a story about shapes.

New Barney Songs: None

13 43 Thedentistmakesmesmile "The Dentist Makes Me Smile" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley October 13, 1993
Shawn is worried about his loose baby tooth. Barney assures him that losing teeth is natural for his age. Tosha and Kathy show Barney and the other kids the procedure of a dental check-up.

New Barney Songs: Silly Things

14 44 Stoplookandbesafe "Stop, Look And Be Safe!" Stephen White Bruce Deck October 14, 1993
Michael shows his new crossing guard uniform to his friends, thus leading to a discussion all about safety.

New Barney Songs: Indoor-Outdoor Voices

15 45 Anadventureinmakebelieve "An Adventure In Make Believe" Stephen White Bruce Deck October 15, 1993
To help BJ learn how to use his imagination, Barney sets up a make-believe adventure to find a missing princess.

New Barney Songs: Just Imagine, Jungle Adventure

16 46 Thealphabetzoo "The Alphabet Zoo" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley October 18, 1993
Barney and the kids decide to create their own zoo, filled with animals that start with each letter of the alphabet. Aunt Molly drops by to share a story.

New Barney Songs: The Tiger Song

17 47 Mm "Having Tens Of Fun!" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley October 19, 1993
Barney's friend, Mr. Tenagain visits the school to show the kids fun counting activities. Meanwhile, Mr. Tenagain has a very special surprise for Baby Bop!

New Barney Songs: A Big Parade Of Numbers

18 48 Averyspecialdelivery "A Very Special Delivery!" Stephen White Jim Rowley October 20, 1993
Tosha's special surprise is on the way. While they wait, Barney and the children discover different ways that make each of them special. Barney's friend Ella Jenkins shares some special songs with the kids.

New Barney Songs: None


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The Cast of Season 2

  • This season marked:
    • The final season in which Kathy Parker serves as an executive producer.
    • The final season in which Philip Parker serves as a song writer.
    • The first season since A Day at the Beach to have the yellow toes on the Barney doll. The Barney doll from this season also appeared in Season 3, except that in that season, it was a lighter color.
    • The first season in which Barney's voice is at a higher-pitch.
    • The first appearances of JulieBJ, and Jason.
    • The only appearance of David played by Kenny Cooper.
    • The final appearance of Luci.
    • The final regular appearances of Tina, Derek and Michael.
    • The only season to be closed-captioned by the National Captioning Institute. The episodes released on Home Video, as well as a few episodes aired on television, were closed-captioned by the Caption Center WGBH Educational Foundation, except for Barney's Families are Special.
    • The first season of three seasons to have two renditions of "I Love You".
    • The first season to have the 1993 PBS Kids logo with the P-Pals. An e/i balloon was added later in 1996.
    • The first season that Kimberly-Clark, and its Huggies family of baby products signed on as a sponsor.
  • Set Renovations:
    • Playground: The swings and slide were replaced by a playground platform. The tire swing was removed.
    • Classroom: Wallpaper changed. Tile floor replaced by carpet. Classroom door leading to the hallway replaced by a dutch door.
  • New Barney and Baby Bop costumes are utilized, with a drastic shortening of the Baby Bop costume.
  • Min starts to wear her stockings regularly, whenever she wears a dress. 
  • The Barney Bag is redesigned with one that will be used up through Season 6.
  • David never appeared in any episodes with Julie, Jason, or any of the kids from The Backyard Gang.
  • Like subsequent seasons afterward, with the exception of Season 8, the "Barney Theme Song" is re-shot and re-edited.
  • The walking animation in the intro is the same as in the previous season but the slide is fast.
  • This was the last season to be filmed at the ColorDynamics Studio in Allen. Production would move to the Studios at Las Colinas the following season.
  • The production for this season begin in March 1993 and ended in August 1993.