Season 14
Season 14, Episodes 249-268
Executive Producers Karen Barnes
Writers Carter Crocker
Directors Fred Holmes
Steven Feldman
Musical Directors Joe Phillips
Production Company HIT Entertainment
Season Premiere October 4, 2010
Season Finale November 2, 2010
Season Guide
Season Thirteen

Season 14 of Barney & Friends premiered on October 4th, 2010 to November 2, 2010. This is the first and so far the only season to not have new episodes, but rather combining two episodes from season ten and season eleven.


Cast of New Content



The children utilized for the new content this season remain uncredited. 


# Total Image Title Writer Director Original Airdate
1 249 Giftofthedinosseason14 Winterseason14 "Gift of the Dinos" / "Winter" Karl Geurs Fred Holmes October 4, 2010
Gift of the Dinos: During a secret santa session, BJ and Riff decide to give up their prized possessions to give the ultimate gift to each other.

Winter: Baby Bop waits for the first snowfall of the year.

2 250 Riffsmusicalzooseason14 Boatsseason14 "Riff's Musical Zoo" / "Boats" Michael Maurer / Michael Anthony Steele Fred Holmes / Jim Rowley October 5, 2010
Riff's Musical Zoo: After Tracy's Mom can't take the kids to the zoo, Riff uses stuffed animals and musical instruments to mimic animals sounds to create a "musical zoo"!

Boats: BJ and Riff build a boat to take Baby Bop on a pretend boat ride.

3 251 Themagiccabooseseason14 Artsseason14 "The Magic Caboose" / "Arts" Michael Maurer / Cheryl Ammeter Fred Holmes October 6, 2010
The Magic Caboose: Barney and the kids board the magic caboose to take pretend trips to different countries.

Arts: Barney introduces his friends to different forms of art at an art festival.

4 252 Movementseason14 Separationseason14 "Movement" / "Separation" M.G. Hamilton / Karl Geurs Jim Rowley October 7, 2010
Movement: Coach Baby Bop and BJ help Barney prepare for the sack race.

Separation: After BJ and Riff leave for a camping trip, Baby Bop begins to have separation anxiety. So, Barney helps her figure out activities to pass the time.

5 253 Pistachioseason14 BJssnackattackseason14 "Pistachio" / "BJ's Snack Attack" Stephen White / M.G. Hamilton Jim Rowley / Fred Holmes October 8, 2010
Pistachio: After Barney eats too many pistachios, his friends show him the imporance of eating them in moderation.

BJ's Snack Attack: BJ's binge on junk food leads him to dream about a world with only junk food.

6 254 Boptilyoudropseason14 Sharingseason14 "Bop 'til You Drop" / "Sharing" Jim Lewis Steven Feldman / Jim Rowley October 11, 2010
Bop 'til You Drop: Baby Bop's friends give her a whistle to signal for them to play together. When she becomes too bossy, Barney teaches her the importance of being a good friend.

Sharing: After Riff busts BJ's new scooter, he holds a rummage sale in order to buy a new one!

7 255 Littleredrockinhoodseason14 Differencesseason14 "Little Red Rockin' Hood" / "Differences" Fred Holmes / Jim Lewis Fred Holmes October 12, 2010
Little Red Rockin' Hood: Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, Riff, and the kids put on a twist on a classic fairy tale about how a wolf and a young girl combined their music together to form "Country Rock"

Differences: When the kids leave a boy in a wheelchair out of their fun, Barney decides to let him know that he feels the same way sometimes.

8 256 Butterfliesseason14 Thenatureofthingsseason14 "Butterflies" / "The Nature of Things" Cheryl Ammeter / Michael Anthony Steele Fred Holmes October 13, 2010
Butterflies: Baby Bop cares for a caterpillar that is going through metamorphosis.

The Nature of Things: After Rachel makes a mess in the park, she dreams about how littering affects many animal homes.

9 257 Chinaseason14 Welcomecousinriffseason14 "China" / "Welcome, Cousin Riff" Michael Anthony Steele / Carter Crocker Jim Rowley / Fred Holmes October 14, 2010
China: BJ's Chinese Pen Pal visits the park.

Welcome, Cousin Riff: Barney informs Baby Bop and BJ that their cousin Riff has moved into town!

10 258 Rabbitsseason14 Listen!season14 "Rabbits" / " Listen!" Michael Anthony Steele / Karl Geurs Fred Holmes / Jim Rowley October 15, 2010
Rabbits: Detective BJ helps Baby Bop figure out which animal is eating her snacks.

Listen!: Barney's friends help Detective Riff figure out where a strange noise is coming from.

11 259 Thebiggardenseason14 Gethappyseason14 "The Big Garden" / "Get Happy!" Karl Geurs / Fred Holmes Jim Rowley / Fred Holmes October 18, 2010
The Big Garden: Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, and the kids harvest crops in the park's garden.

Get Happy!: Riff creates a device to make Olivia happy.

12 260 Bigasbarneyseason14 Thechaseseason14 "Big as Barney" / "The Chase" Karl Geurs / Jim Lewis Fred Holmes October 19, 2010
Big as Barney: After observing the positive impact Barney has on his friends, Ryan decides that he wants to act and look just like Barney.

The Chase: After the kids fight over wanting to do the same thing, Barney tells them a Native American story that teaches to be yourself and not follow to the crowd.

13 261 Playinggamesseason14 Nononoseason14 "Playing Games" / "No, No, No!" Carter Crocker / Cheryl Ammeter Jim Rowley / Fred Holmes October 20, 2010
Playing Games: Barney teaches Baby Bop the importance of following the rules when playing games with friends.

No, No, No!: Baby Bop is fustrated about hearing "No" all the time. So, Barney tells her the story of Cinderella.

14 262 Theemperorscontestseason14 Thewholetruthseason14 "The Emperor's Contest" / "The Whole Truth" Charlotte Spivey / Fred Holmes Jim Rowley / Fred Holmes October 21, 2010
The Emperor's Contest: After Ryan thinks about cheating in a fishing contest, Barney tells him a story about how a boy became emperor by being honest.

The Whole Truth: After BJ takes credit for Sarah's painting, Barney teaches him to always be honest with his friends.

15 263 Seeingseason14 Beethovenshearseason14 "Seeing" / "Beethoven's Hear!" Stephen White / Charlotte Spivey Jim Rowley October 22, 2010
Seeing: Baby Bop tries to convince to BJ and Riff that she had seen an elephant in the park.

Beethoven's Hear!: After Riff wonders if he would still like music if he was deaf, Barney introduces one of the best deaf musicians of all time - Beethoven.

16 264 Bestinshowseason14 Ducksandfishseason14 "Best in Show" / "Ducks and Fish" Jim Lewis / Michael Anthony Steele Fred Holmes October 26, 2010
Best in Show: Susan lets BJ enter her dog Pilgrim in a dog show!

Ducks and Fish: Riff takes care of some baby duck eggs.

17 265 Theshrinkingblankeyseason14 ThingsIcandoseason14 "The Shrinking Blankey" / "Things I Can Do" Kayte Kuch / Hannah Hall Brian Mack / Fred Holmes October 27, 2010
The Shrinking Blankey: Baby Bop is concerned that she may be outgrowing her blankey.

Things I Can Do: After Baby Bop gets upset with the things she can do, Barney, Riff, and the kids help her find something else that she can do.

18 266 Mothergooseepisodeseason14 Funwithreadingseason14 "Mother Goose" / "Fun with Reading" Charlotte Spivey / Carter Crocker Fred Holmes / Jim Rowley October 28, 2010
Mother Goose: Characters from The Land of Mother Goose come to the caboose in search for their lost things.

Fun with Reading: After BJ gets an injury while playing Captain Pickles, Barney and the kids have fun with books. They even write their own story!

19 267 Theblamegameseason14 Airplanesseason14 "The Blame Game" / "Airplanes" Greg Sumner / Michael Anthony Steele Steven Feldman / Jim Rowley November 1, 2010
Airplanes: Barney's friends are playing with airplanes in the park. BJ allows Riff to play with his airplane toy. When Riff rearranges the airplane parts, he fears that he may have broken BJ's toy.

The Blame Game: Marcos accidentaly breaks Melanie's project and fears that she may not want to be his friend anymore. Barney teaches him that a good friend is an honest friend.

20 268 Thenewkidseason14 Theprincessandthefrogseason14 "The New Kid" / "The Princess and the Frog" Dean Stefan / Michael Anthony Steele Fred Holmes November 2, 2010
The New Kid: After Riff befriends a new kid, BJ fears that Riff is not his friend any more.

The Princess and the Frog: After Baby Bop promises Ryan to watch his pet frog, Barney tells her the story of "The Princess and the Frog" to remind her to always keep her promises.




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  • Behind the Scenes of the Music Video for "Laugh With Me!"
  • Opening Theme Behind the Scenes
  • Piggie Wiggie Boogie Behind the Scenes
  • This season marked:
    • The final season to feature the Here's Something segment.
    • The first season to have the PBS Kids Website shown during the credits.
  • This season includes a new vignette where kids tell jokes and sing Barney Songs.
  • The Barney's Music Box segment is no longer seen.
  • "Boogie Woogie Piggy" is the only "new" song in this season.
  • The only known cast of children actors known in the new content of this season are Logan Robot Gladden, Brenden Stanton, Alyssa Boualapha, Ethan Van Zandt and Delaney Walker.
  • The episodes "Winter", "Welcome, Cousin Riff", "Things I Can Do", and "Airplanes" all have alternate endings that have the song "I Love You" sung instead of there past endings for this season.