This article is about Julie's puppy Scooter. For the squirrel, see Scooter McNutty.
Scooter was a puppy who was seen as a very minor character in Season 3 of Barney & Friends.

Julie holding Scooter, as seen in A Welcome Home

The real name of the puppy who played Scooter is unknown.

About Scooter

Scooter was born the fifth puppy of Min's dog, Princess. Min brought him to school asking anyone for his adoption. Julie initially didn't want to adopt him, due to possibly getting another cat, but Scooter grew onto her throughout the episode A Welcome Home. In the end, she decided to adopt him and her mother accepted. The last time he is seen is in Our Furry Feathered Fishy Friends where Julie takes him to school for show-and-tell, alongside Carlos, Kenneth, and Kathy, who bring their pets as well. In addition, she reveals that she named him Scooter to Barney and the others.


  • Name suggestions for Scooter have included Cuddles (as suggested by Jason) and Wee Willie Winkie (originally suggested by Julie). 

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