Sampung Mga Daleri
Nursery Rhyme
Preceded by London Bridge
Succeeded by Roses are Red
Sapung Mga Daliri is a lullaby/nursery rhyme that only appeared in What's That Shadow?.

Min learned it from her mother who taught it to her that song and she sings it to dolls whenever she's afraid of the dark.

Lyrics (Tagalog/Filipino)

Sampung mga daliri, kamay at paa, dalawang mata, dalawang tainga, ilong ay maganda...

Maliliit na ngipin, masarap kumain, dilang maliit nagsasabi, huwag kang magsinungaling!

Lyrics (English)

Ten fingers, Hands and feet, Two eyes, Two ears, Beautiful nose...

Little teeth, Delicious eating, Little tongue telling, No lies!

Lyrics (English, Rhyming)

I have ten little fingers, I have hands and feet.

I have two eyes.  I have two ears.

My beautiful nose is sweet. &nbsp

My little teeth are clean and fresh,

for chewing yummy food.

My tongue lets me speak.  My tongue lets me tell.

No lies, for I am good!

Lyrics (French)

Dix doigts, Mains et pieds, Deux yeux, Deux oreilles, Joli nez.

Petites dents, Mangent bien, Petite langue qui ne dit Aucun mensonge !

Lyrics (Spanish)

Diez dedos, Manos y pies, Dos ojos, Dos orejas, Nariz bonita.

Dientecitos, Comen bien, Lengüita nunca Miente.

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