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Barney Home Video
Round and Round We Go
Release Date August 27, 2002
Rereleased Yes (under the title "Fun on Wheels")
Available on DVD Yes
Written by Stephen White
Directed by Jim Rowley
Production Company HIT Entertainment
Barney Home Video
Run Time 41 Minutes
Barney's Beach Party
Going Places with Barney

Round and Round We Go is a Barney Home Video that was released on August 27, 2002. On September 22, 2009, it was re-released under a different title, "Fun on Wheels".


When Robert bends a wheel cleaning his grandfather's old bike, Barney suggests him and the other kids visit with his friend, "Pop Wheely". Pop Wheely absolutely loves wheels and anything that has to do with transportation--and he just happens to run a wheel factory. As Pop Wheely's magical machine cranks out a new wheel for Robert's bike, Pop Wheely lets Barney and his friends test new wheels for his bus, ship, train, and planes as they learn about street and bike safety along the way. Lots of fun songs like "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Down By the Station" accompany the kid's animated journeys and soon they're finally back in the tree house putting the finishing touches on Robert's newly renovated bike.


Song List

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. This Is The Way
  3. A Circle's Shape is Round
  4. Pop Wheely's Got a Way to Go
  5. Oh, When We March
  6. Big and Little
  7. The Wheels on the Bus
  8. Look Both Ways
  9. She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain
  10. Sailing Medley: I'd Love to Sail/The Fishing Song
  11. Riding on a Bike
  12. Down By the Station
  13. Hey, Look at Me! I Can Fly!
  14. This Is The Way (Reprise)
  15. I Love You

Barney Songs That Debuted In This Video

  1. A Circle's Shape is Round
  2. Pop Wheely's Got A Way To Go




Barney Round and Round (2003) - Trailer01:57

Barney Round and Round (2003) - Trailer

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