Perfectly Platinum: 30 Dino-Mite Songs
Soundtrack of the TV Series
Released February 24, 2009
Length 44:12
Label Koch Records & HIT Entertainment
Demon Records (Reprint)
Produced by Joseph K. Phillips
Preceded by Music for Me!
Succeeded by Barney Live in Concert - Birthday Bash!: Original Cast Recording

Perfectly Platinum: 30 Dino-Mite Songs is an album that contains a compilation of songs from Seasons 9-13 of the television series. It was released on February 24, 2009.

It was released in the United Kingdom on March 26, 2012 by Demon Records with an Alternate Album Cover.

Song List


UK Album Cover

  1. A Friend Like You (Audio Taken from: Season 10 and 11)
  2. Barney's Name Game (Audio Taken from: Celebrating Around The World)
  3. I Hear Music Everywhere without vocals from Barney, BJ and Baby Bop (Audio Taken from: "Let's Make Music")
  4. If You're Happy and You Know It (Audio Taken from: Movin' and Groovin' / "Let's Make Music!")
  5. The Baby Bop Hop (Audio Taken from: "The Princess and the Frog")
  6. I Just Can't Wait (Audio Taken from: "Welcome, Cousin Riff")
  7. You Can Make Music with Anything (Audio Taken from: Let's Make Music / "Lights! Camera! Action!: A Movie Adventure")
  8. When I'm Old Enough to Join the Band (Audio Taken from: "Hearing")
  9. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Audio Taken from: "Beethoven's Hear!")
  10. The Elephant Song without vocals from Riff (Vocals Taken from: Let's Make Music, Music Taken from: "The Magic Caboose")
  11. Rock Like a Monkey (Audio Taken from: Barney's Jungle Friends)
  12. Laugh With Me! without vocals from Ben & Rusty (Audio Taken from: "A Bird of a Different Feather: Hawaii")
  13. Alphabet Song (Audio Taken from: "Letters")
  14. Icy, Creamy Ice Cream (Audio Taken from: "Pistachio")
  15. A Rock N Roll Star (Audio Taken from: Can You Sing That Song?)
  16. One Two Buckle My Shoe (Audio Taken from: "Get Happy!")
  17. A Perfectly Purple Day (Audio Taken from: "The Magic Lamp: A Travel Adventure")
  18. Welcome to My Tea Party (Audio Taken from: "The Reluctant Dragon: A Fairy Tale Adventure")
  19. The Clapping Song
  20. Best of Friends (Audio Taken from: Let's Go on Vacation)
  21. How Does This Thing Work? (Audio Taken from: Let's Make Music)
  22. The Gaggle, Giggle, Wiggle Dance (Audio Taken from: "The Magic Lamp: A Travel Adventure")
  23. Clip, Clop Riding on a Pony (Audio Taken from: Let's Go to the Farm)
  24. Old MacDonald Had a Farm without vocals from Riff (Audio Taken from: "Days of the Week")
  25. Books Are Fun! with vocals removed from Baby Bop and Riff (Audio Taken from: "Fun with Reading")
  26. The Airplane Song (Audio Taken from: "Airplanes")
  27. The Duckies Do (Audio Taken from: "The Nature of Things")
  28. The Dino Dance (Audio Taken from: The new content of Dino-Mite Birthday)
  29. Being Together
  30. I Love You (Audio Taken from: Seasons 7-13)