Mr. Tenagain

Mr. Tenagain making his appearance while he appears from the tree

Mr. Tenagain is a character who first appeared in "Having Tens of Fun!". He's a odd, spectacled human and a good friend of Barney's.  

About Mr. Tenagain

  • He's called "Mr. Tenagain" because he loves to count from 1-10 and do it again.
  • Whenever Mr.Tenagain visits, he always brings a very special surprise present for "Baby Bop".
  • His favorite book is Ten, Nine Eight.
  • He has another favorite book called Mr. Tenagain's Yummy in the Tummy Cookbook.


  1. Having Tens of Fun! (1993) (first appearance)
  2. Barney's Happy Valentine's Day (1997) (last appearance)

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