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Series Information
Type: Main Character - (1992-1996)
Guest Appearance - (1999, 2003)
Seasons: 1, 2, 3
First appearance: The Queen of Make-Believe
Last appearance: Dance with Me
Portrayer: Pia Manalo
Min Kids For Character

Min in Kids for Character

Min was one of the kids who appeared in the first 3 seasons of Barney & Friends. She was played by Pia Hamilton. Min appears in a total of 50 episodes making her the kid with the most appearances on Barney.

About Min

  • Family: Lives with her mom, her dad, two brothers, two sisters, her grandma and grandpa, and a golden laborador (Princess). Later in the series, her dog had puppies. One of her sisters appeared in What's That Shadow?.
  • Favorite Colors: Blue and Yellow
  • Hobbies: Loves to Dance.  
  • Is Filipino. 
  • Best friends with ToshaShawn, and Kathy
  • Her hair is black. Sometimes she is seen wearing pigtails, a ponytail and sometimes her hair is braided.




  • Min in "The Queen of Make-Believe."
  • Min in "Four Seasons Day."
  • Min in "What's That Shadow?"
  • Min in "Happy Birthday Barney!"
  • Min in "A Very Special Delivery!"
  • Min in "Shopping for a Surprise"
  • Min in "Are We There Yet?"
  • Min in "Barney's Talent Show"
  • Min in "Sing and Dance with Barney"
  • A grown-up Min in "Read with Me, Dance with Me"


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