Series Information
Type: Minor Character - (1995)
Main Character - (1996-1997)
Seasons: 3, 4
First appearance: Shawn & the Beanstalk
Last appearance: Waiting for Mr. MacRooney
Portrayer: Jessica Hinojosa
Maria is a character on the show that in Season 4 with a cameo appearance in Season 3. She was played by Jessica Hinojosa.


  1. Shawn & the Beanstalk (first appearance) (cameo)
  2. Barney's 1-2-3-4 Seasons
  3. First Day of School
  4. We've Got Rhythm
  5. Waiting for Mr. MacRooney (final appearance)


  • Maria is the only Season 3 extra and Season 4 cast member to not make it to Season 5-6.
  • As a Season 3 extra, Maria doesn't appear with Kathy, Julie, Carlos, Juan, or Kenneth.
  • In Season 4, Maria doesn't appear with Jeff, Curtis, Kim, Keesha or Danny since she left after her last appearance. She also doesn't appear with Alissa, Ashley's twin sister.
  • Maria also never appeared with Stephen wearing glasses.