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Barney's Making New Friends is the VHS version of the Season 3 episode "On the Move". It was re-released in 1996-2002, being compatible with the Actimates Barney Doll.




+Kenneth (debut)

+Derek (last appearance)

+Tina (last appearance)




+Stephen (cameo and debut)


+This video contains short credits, the 1995 Barney Home Video logo, the original Please Stay Tuned bumper, and previews for Barney Safety and Barney's Families are Special

+This video was originally released on August 8th, 1995, five months exactly since On the Move premiered on television.

+This is the last appearances of Derek and Tina, and the first appearances of Kenneth and Stephen. Stephen appears for a few seconds in Are We There Yet?, and also Classical Cleanup, and becomes a major character in Barney's Talent Show.

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