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Barney & The Backyard Gang (1988-1989)

The Backyard/House was the very first setting in the backyard gang videos. We were shown different parts of this setting. The first place in the backyard is the backyard itself. Its a fern grassy area with chairs and a brick patio. We are also shown inside the garage which pretty much just looks like a regular garage. And finally we are shown inside two different parts of the house. One which looks like a dining room and the other is a living room.

Season 1 (1992)

The setting was a basic school. It had a slide and a swing for the playground. It had a tree, with a tire swing, and it had a tree stump. Inside the school was a small classroom.

Season 2 (1993)

The setting was the same as Season 1, except, the playground had gotten bigger, taking out the swing and slide, and adding a bridge and a place to walk around on. The tire swing is gone now too. The classroom has expanded a little bit from its original Season 1 look.

Season 3 (1995-1997)

The setting was the same as Season 1 and 2. Except the playground has gotten a little bigger, with more room to climb around. The classroom has gotten drastically bigger, with a small stage and art center, it almost looks nothing like the original classrooms. There is also a treehouse that everyone plays in.

Season 4-6 (1997-2002)

Setting same, now the tree has moved to the right side of the playground, with a bench around it. The school has changed and has gotten extremely bigger, looking nothing like the original three. There is a bigger art center, a stage and a library. The school library was revealed in It's Time for Counting. The treehouse has gotten a major make-over looking nothing like the early treehouse in season 3. It has a look out at the top with a slide with a round table on the left. There is also a ship's wheel, and lots of room to move about as well as to run, jump, skip and sing.

Season 7-present (2002-present)

By season 7, the setting broke away from the traditional school setting and on to a park. With a playground in the back that sometimes has a slide or swings, a big tree in the middle, a sitting swing that goes in circles. a gazebo, and a pond with a bridge over it that sometimes have ducks in it. In The Park, there's a caboose where they also play. With a library and lots of space to sing and dance, a stage where they can perform, a costume closet, and tables and chairs to sit or draw things. On the left side of the caboose outside, is another tree. And last but not least, a tool shed where Mr. Boyd worked out of in Season 7-8.

Set Renovations

  • In Season 10, the roof of the gazebo gets taken off, a smaller pond was added in front of the gazebo, the Magical Musical Stepping Stones were added in front of the tree and flowers were added in caboose

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