Barney & Friends Episode
Season 11, Episode 2B
Air date September 18, 2007
Written by Michael Anthony Steele
Directed by Jim Rowley
Theme Environmental Awareness
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The Magic Words
Bop 'til You Drop

"Litterbot" is the second half of the second episode from the eleventh season of Barney & Friends.


Riff shares his dream of becoming an inventor with his friends. When a gust of wind blows Baby Bop's papers off the table and litters the park, Riff seizes the opportunity to show them his first invention. He invented something to pick up litter...the Litterbot! In the end, the robot malfunctions and creates even more trash. It's up to Barney and Baby Bop to teach Riff that they don't need a robot to clean up - they can clean up after themselves!


  1. Thinkety Think
  2. I'm A Builder (Scene Taken from: I'm A Builder / Just Imagine)
  3. We Are Little Robots
  4. Clean Up
  5. I Love You


  • This episode marks the first appearances of Mr. Copeland and Tori.

The Barney Doll

  • David Voss, the Barney suit actor from 1988-1990, plays the Litterbot.
  • This episode is shown in "Let's Grow: Lend a Helping Hand".
  • This episode is also shown in Clean Up, Clean Up!.

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