Learn Spanish with Barney
Released April 21, 2015
Developer QB9 Entertainment
Publisher Yuisy
Platform Android
Genre Educational
Preceded by Learn English with Barney
Succeeded by Color with Barney
Learn Spanish with Barney is an app that was released Early 2015. It's the counterpart of Learn English with Barney, only this app teaches children spanish.


Learn Spanish with Barney gives your children a very natural and effective approach to Spanish. They get to play simple, eductational games with Barney designed so that your children will learn new Spanish words in a way that is both encouraging and fun!

Become part of the learning and fun! Learning with Barney has a very complete reporting tool that was conceived with parents in mind, which will allow you to see, at any time, the progress that your children are making as they learn Spanish.

This is an official Barney and Friends brand product. This guarantees that Learning with Barney provides a safe, healthy and encouraging environment for your children to enjoy and learn in!

Key Points

  • Develops attention and association skills.
  • Teaches children new Spanish words and their meaning.
  • Encourages a sense of familiarity with the Spanish language.
  • Helps children to learn Spanish in a natural way by listening to Barney the dinosaur speak.
  • Provides a biweekly report for parents about the progress of all the children who play.
  • All of its content has been created by Spanish Language education specialists.



  • Topic 1: Numbers
  • Topic 2: Animals
  • Topic 3: Colors
  • Topic 4: Fruits
  • Topic 5: Letters



Learn Spanish with Barney00:31

Learn Spanish with Barney


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