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Kathy-Classical Cleanup
Series Information
First appearance: Rock with Barney
Last appearance: Sing and Dance with Barney
Portrayer: Lauren King

Kathy was a character who appeared in the first three seasons of Barney & Friends. Earlier than that, she appeared as one of the new friends in the Barney & the Backyard Gang video Rock with Barney. She was played by Lauren King.

About Kathy


Kathy and her teddy bear

Kathy is best known for carrying around her teddy bear, simply named "Teddy". Kathy loved her teddy bear so much she penned the song Me and My Teddy to show her love for him. Until Season 3, she didn't go anywhere without Teddy. Like most of the Barney kids, Kathy is a very kind person. She is also known to be generous, as she gave up her teddy bear to give to Barney in the episode "Happy Birthday, Barney!" (which he returned to her after a few seconds). While she easily makes friends with most of the characters on the show, Min is considered to be one of her best friends. In Room for Everyone, she stated her favorite room in her home is the bathroom. Kathy also is known to have a beautiful singing voice. Her favorite color is presumably green, as she chooses green things in various episodes, for instance, in Alphabet Soup!, she picked a green bag, in Red, Blue and Circles Too! she picked a green flag, and in On the Move, she used green paint to write her name and make handprints. 

Family Life

In her family, Kathy lives in her apartment building with her mother and grandmother, also known as Nana, the latter of the two made an appearance in "Grandparents are Grand!". It is unknown what happened to her father and grandfather. According to "Caring Means Sharing", Kathy has no siblings. She had painted a picture of her apartment building with herself, her mother and nana, as seen in the season 3 episode "Room for Everyone". Kathy also has a green and yellow parakeet named Priscilla. According to the episode "Our Furry Feathered Fishy Friends", she explains she got a parakeet, as her grandmother is allergic to dog and cat hair.


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