I Love You Barney is a singing Barney plush doll. When you press the heart button on his tummy, he sings the song "I Love You". Several versions of the toy have been sold throughout the years.

Counterfeit I Love You Barney Toys

While the official I Love You Barney are hardly in stores as it did sell very well throughout the years, the fake I Love You Barney are easily available on eBay and Amazon. The differences below will help you point out if it's official or not:

Official I Love You Barney toys used a heart and says I Love You on it's tummy when you to make it sing the I Love You song, that used either Bob West or Dean Wendt's Voice in High Quality. Most of the fake ones used Bob West's voice in Low Quality, some of the knockoffs lacks the heart and used Barney's Colorful World logo instead or no logo and the singing is in high pitch and sped up and some come without a voice box. Also both Official and knockoffs used the purple or black inside of Barney's mouth.

The Official I Love You Barney toys would come in boxes and have different tags on it's hand that says "Press my tummy for me to sing I Love You". The fake ones used either the fisher-price instead or just the Barney logo tag and doesn't come in a box.
Also the Barney name on some knockoffs is on his left foot (Viewer's right) instead of his right foot (Viewer's left) as shown here in the 5th picture.
Some of the knockoffs I Love You Barney toys would have Barney's neck flashing on and off when you make it sing.


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