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Barney Songs
Friends Are Forever
Debuted in Three Wishes
Written by Lory Lazarus
Usage Discontinued Use (Last Appearance in Three Wishes (Audio Cassette))
The Rocket Song
Barney is Our Dinosaur

"Friends Are Forever" is an original Barney song that first appeared in "Three Wishes".


When your friend says "Oh, I really must go!"
You shouldn't feel sad that he's going away.
Friends are forever whenever they're make-believe!
He'll be back again; he's always your friend
And ready to come anytime that you say
Friends are forever whenever they're make-believe!
He... could... be anything from a crazy cartoon
To a funny old monkey, a man on the moon.
Whoever your friend is, he'll come again soon
If you just use your imagination.
(Shim-ba-ree! Shim-ba-rah!)
[Spoken:] What's that?
So don't ignore your toy dinosaur
I'm sure that he's eager and ready to play
Make-believe friends don't ever go away!
So don't you feel sad when your friend has to leave
Friends are forever whenever they're make-believe!
(We'll have friends forever and ever)
When they're make-believe!

© 1988 Lazoo Music.


  • This was the first original song to be written for the Barney franchise, and is about how friends will always be around when people need them.

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