Barney Songs
Everybody's Got Feelings
Written by Willy Welch
The Hopping Song
Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Blankey Gone?

Everybody's Got Feelings is an original Barney song that first appeared in the episode of "the same name".


They can make you frown,

or make you smile.

It can make you giggle,

or make you cry.

Could be happy.....

Could be sad.....

Everybody's got feelings.

Everybody's got feelings.

They might feel little for some of your day,

or big and scary, but that's ok.

Could be angry.....

Could be glad......

Everybody's got feelings.

Everybody's got feelings.

All different feelings; all in one day.

If I'm glad or sad or mad; hey, hey, hey,

I know it's ok!

Everybody's got 'em every day.

Each of us feels so many ways.

Could be happy....

Could be sad.....

Everybody's got feelings

Everybody's got feelings!

Barney Song Used In...

  1. Happy Mad Silly Sad: Putting a Face to Feelings (Scene Taken from: Everybody's Got Feelings)
  2. Everybody's Got Feelings (actual debut)
  3. Making a Move! (Scene Taken from: Happy Mad Silly Sad/Everybody's Got Feelings)
  4. Get Happy!
  5. This Is How I Feel (Episode Featured: Get Happy!)


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