Barney & Friends Episode
Easy Does It!
Season 5, Episode 17
Air date November 24, 1998
Written by Mark S. Bernthal
Directed by Fred Holmes
Theme Making Work Easier
Working Together
Episode Guide
It's a Rainy Day!
What's in a Name?

"Easy Does It!" is the 17th episode from Season 5 of Barney & Friends.


The kids are cleaning up all the items in the classroom that belong in the treehouse. By the time they're done they have a trunkful they can barely lift. How to get it to where it needs to be? Stella appears (she's been in Finland) with a story about a little girl named Glenda who has a similar problem and her Aunt helps out by giving her the Earth-shattering idea of using the wheel. So easy a caveman could almost do it. The gang takes the clue and loads the trunk into a wagon for transport. Using a pulley and a rope they lift the items up into the tree.

Meanwhile, Scooter has to get all the nuts he's collected down to the ground so he can hide them. He and BJ try various ways until they settle on a system of chutes, letting gravity roll them down one by one. Too slow, so Scooter substitutes a slide and lets the whole batch come down at once becoming trapped himself in the resulting nut-o-lanche. It's all good - nobody's hurt.

Today's lesson of Easy Does It! is that by using tools, trial and error and a little teamwork and almost any job becomes easier.

Stories: Glenda and the Wheelbarrow

Song List

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. The Land of Make-Believe
  3. Clean Up! Do Our Share!
  4. Bumpin' Up and Down
  5. It's a Great Day
  6. Riding on a Bike
  7. The More We Work Together
  8. The Noble Duke of York
  9. Try and Try Again
  10. I Love You

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