Children Songs
Down By the Station
Down By the Station
Debuted in Barney in Concert
Written by Lee Ricks, Slim Gaillard
Usage Discontinued Use (Last Appearance in Round and Round We Go)
Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Firetruck
Apples and Bananas
Down By the Station is a children's song that first appeared in "Barney in Concert".


Down by the station (Down by the station)
Early in the morning (Early in the morning)
See the little pufferbellies (See the little pufferbellies)
All in a row (All in a row)
See the station master (See the station master)
Turn the little handle (Turn the little handle)
Puff, puff, toot, toot! (Puff, puff, toot, toot!)
Off we go! (Off we go!)
Down by the station
Early in the morning 
See the little pufferbellies
All in a row
See the station master
Turn the little handle
Huff, huff, toot, toot!
Off we go!

Children's Song Used In...

  1. Barney in Concert
  2. Going Places!
  3. The Alphabet Zoo
  4. Who's Who on the Choo Choo?
  5. Colors All Around
  6. I Love to Sing with Barney
  7. Vamos Juntos a Cantar
  8. Round and Round We Go

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