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Barney Home Video
Come on Over to Barney's House
Release Date August 15, 2000 (VHS)
September 5, 2000 (DVD)
Rereleased Yes
Available on DVD Yes
Written by Stephen White
Directed by Jeff Gittle
Barney's ABCs and 123s
Be My Valentine, Love Barney

Come on Over to Barney's House is a Barney Home Video that was released on VHS on August 15, 2000 and on DVD on September 5, 2000.


Barney invites his friends, including the viewer, to his house. Meanwhile, BJ and the Rockets are trying to come up with a new song and a dance to go along with it.



Barney in CGI

  • Barney (Voice: Duncan Brannan/Tim Dever; Costume: David Joyner)

    Barney's House

  • Baby Bop (Voice: Julie Johnson; Costume: Jeff Ayers)
  • BJ (Voice: Patty Wirtz; Costume: Jeff Brooks)
  • Jeff (Austin Ball)
  • Jill (Lana Whittington)
  • Nick (Grayson Lee Vanover) (debut)
  • Debi (Jasmine Woods) (debut / only appearance)
  • Wee Willie Winkie (Sonny Franks)
  • Blue Jay (Josh Martin)
  • Jack (Sonny Franks)
  • Jill (Julie Johnson)
  • Murray the Web-Surfing Mouse (Sam Williamson)
  • Little Dog (Boomer)
  • The Wolf (Sonny Franks)

Song List

  1. Imagine a Place
  2. Anything Can Happen
  3. Wee Willie Winkie
  4. Sour Pickle Face
  5. Keep Your Sneeze to Yourself
  6. Blue Jay Blues
  7. Jack and Jill
  8. Surfin' on the World Wide Web
  9. Oh, Where Has My Little Dog Gone?
  10. Look at Me, I'm Three
  11. Barney's Silly Pigs
  12. Pumpernickel
  13. The Dino Dance
  14. I Love You

Barney Songs That Debuted In This Video

  1. Anything Can Happen
  2. Sour Pickle Face
  3. Blue Jay Blues
  4. Surfin' on the World Wide Web
  5. Barney's Silly Pigs
  6. The Dino Dance




Barney Come On Over To Barney's House (1999) - Home Video Trailer (e13365)01:32

Barney Come On Over To Barney's House (1999) - Home Video Trailer (e13365)

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