Children Favourites is a collection of HIT Entertainment episodes in the UK including Barney, Kipper, Thomas, Wiggles, Bob the Builder and more! This list are the ones with Barney on it.

List of Them

(NOTE: This page maybe or may not be complete. If you know anymore, feel free to add them.)

  1. Bumper Special (Tree-Mendous Trees)
  2. Superstar Children's Favourites (Numbers! Numbers!)
  3. Brightest Children's Favourites (A Perfectly Purple Day)
  4. Ultimate Children's Favourites (A New Friend)
  5. Magical Children's Favourites (Stick with Imagination!)
  6. Funtastic Children's Favourites (Up, Down and Around!)
  7. Playtime Children's Favourites (Let's Play Games!)
  8. Christmas Children's Favourites (Bunches of Boxes)
  9. Happy Children's Favourites (A Fountain of Fun)
  10. Sporty Children's Favourites (Play Ball!)
  11. Amazing Children's Favourites (Let's Go for a Ride!)
  12. Incredibubble Children's Favourites (It's Showtime!)
  13. The Musical Collection (Play Piano with Me!)
  14. The Groovy Collection (All Aboard!)
  15. Spooky Collection (Guess Who? and Sweet Treats)
  16. Winter Collection (A Sunny, Snowy Day)
  17. Active Collection (Play for Exercise!)
  18. Funshine Children's Favourites (Splish! Splash!)
  19. Party Time! Children's Favourites (It's Your Birthday, Barney!)
  20. Trick or Treat Tales (UK Version) (Guess Who?)
  21. The Little Big Club: Watch and Play - Collection One (The Magic Caboose and BJ the Great)
  22. The Little Big Club: Watch and Play - Collection Two (The Wind and the Sun and The Nature of Things)
  23. Frosty Friends (UK Version) (Gift of the Dinos)
  24. Here Comes Spring! (UK Version) (The Big Garden)
  25. Back to School (The New Kid)
  26. Snow Days (A Sunny, Snowy Day)

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