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Barney & Friends Episode
Books Are Fun!
Season 5, Episode 1


Books Are Fun!

Air date November 2, 1998
Written by Stephen White
Directed by Steven Feldman
Theme Fun with Books
Being Yourself
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"Books Are Fun!" is the first episode from Season 5 of Barney & Friends.


Curtis brings Barney to return some books to the school library where they find Booker T. Bookworm. After Curtis wishes he could be more like Booker T, he is recruited to be the library helper. Ashley, Robert, Hannah, and Barney all check out books from the library. From building an "ocean in a box" to making muffins to reading silly poems, they discover the delights of reading books. When Barney and the kids return to the library, they find Curtis' obsessive nature has completely transformed him into Booker T's assistant. With a little reminder of how special he is, Curtis returns to being himself.

Song List

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Books Are Fun!
  3. Five Little Butterflies
  4. The Barney Bag

    Booker T. Bookworm

  5. If I Lived Under the Sea
  6. Old Mother Hubbard
  7. Jack Sprat
  8. The Muffin Man/Hot Cross Buns/Pat-A-Cake/The Muffin Man (Reprise)
  9. Roses are Red
  10. Laugh With Me!
  11. Everyone is Special
  12. I Love You

International Edits

  • In some international versions, this episode was shortened.

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