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Beth was a character that appeared from Season 7 to Season 8. She was portrayed by Katherine Pully.

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About Beth

In Barney's Christmas Star, Barney and the kids met Beth's grandparents. In BJ's Really Cool House, it is indirectly revealed that Beth's parents are divorced as she lives in two houses (one with her mom, and one with her dad).


  1. Tea-riffic Manners (first appearance)
  2. Puppy Love
  3. Play for Exercise!
  4. Numbers! Numbers!
  5. Barney's Christmas Star
  6. Spring Into Fun!
  7. It's a Happy Day!
  8. BJ's Really Cool House
  9. Barney's Best Manners: Your Invitation to Fun!
  10. On Again, Off Again
  11. Sharing Is Caring!
  12. It's Hot! It's Cold!
  13. Day and Night
  14. Play Piano with Me!
  15. A-Counting We Will Go!
  16. Squares, Squares Everywhere
  17. It's Your Birthday, Barney! (last appearance)


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