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(After the Barney Theme Song, we see Min pushing a girl in a wheelchair across the playground, as a boy and his father exit the school doors behind them. The girls pass by Tosha, who is sitting next to the Barney doll, and move out of the frame. Michael waves to MIn's companion.)

Michael: Hi!

Michael enters the classroom. Tosha peers through the classroom window, and sees Derek, Michael and Kathy collaborating on something.

Tosha: I wish I had a friend to play with.

(The Barney doll comes to life)

Barney: How about me?

Tosha: BARNEY! (hugging Barney) 

Barney: Hi! (hugging Tosha) (chuckles)

Tosha: I'm so glad to see you! My family just moved here, and this is my first day at my new school...

Barney: Oh!

Tosha:...and I don't know anybody yet.

Barney: Oh, that's okay, Tosha. Sometimes, when you're new at school, it's hard to join in, but meeting new friends can make everything better. Come on! (takes Tosha's hand) I'll introduce you some of my other friends!

Tosha: But maybe they won't like me!

Barney: Oh, I think they'll love meeting you!

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