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Barney Live in Concert - Birthday Bash!
was a live stage show being produced by VEE Corporation, along with HIT Entertainment. The show opened on November 19, 2010 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has toured the US and Canada. The show completed its tour on December 11, 2011. It then started its tour in Asia in this year. 


Barney Live Birthday Bash

Barney and friends celebrate the purple guy's birthday (Original Cast - November 2010)

Barney comes to life and his friends join him not too long afterwards and get the crowd going. When asked, Barney hasn't decided on a birthday wish, a point that comes back up later in the show. Through out the show, Barney and friends celebrate the purple guy's birthday through singing songs, playing games, and decorating the stage (in Act 2), often playing clips of kids suggesting ideas. Meanwhile, BJ attempts to pull a rabbit out of his hat, pretending to be a magician (and later, a rock star back from his "world tour."). While the "kids" get their party hats, Baby Bop, BJ, and Riff sing what they like about their purple friend. In return, Barney sings how he'll be "Someone to Love You Forever." The cast celebrates Barney's birthday and the purple guy reveals his wish: "I wish that our friendship will never end. And it never will, as long as you remember I'm always here, just as close as your imagination." Like with most Barney shows, the cast wraps up the show singing I Love You and Barney finally blows out the candles (shown on screen) on his cake.


  • Barney
  • B.J.
  • Baby Bop
  • Riff


The ensemble cast consists of a group of four actors and actresses. In case one (or two) of them can't perform, the others can cover for them. The human cast only has two named characters.

  • Alex
  • Jessie

The four ensemble members also cover for the actors playing the dinos, if something happens to the main actor (of said dino(s)) and their double.


Original Cast (November 2010 - June 2011)

  • Barney - Antwaun Steele, Joseph Walker (Nov. 2010 - March 2011), Miguel Franklin (April 2011 - present)
  • Baby Bop - Lauren Mayeux and Alyssa Williams
  • BJ - Cyndi Graves
  • Riff - Denise Mason and Sarah Cook
  • Ensemble - Nick Nunez, Joel Pellini (Joel, Alex, Jesse (swing)), Megan Godin (Megan, Jessie, Alex), Jennifer Margulis (Jessie, Nov. 2010 to Feb. 2011), Madison Turner (Jesse, March 2011 to present), Alison Warchol (Alison)

Final Touring Cast (June 2011-December 2011)

  • Barney - Antwaun Steele and Miguel Franklin
  • Baby Bop - Jonathan Kim and Alyssa Williams
  • BJ - Alison Warchol
  • Riff - Denise Mason and Sarah Cook
  • Ensemble - Nick Nunez (Alex), Megan Godin (Megan, Jesse (swing)), Madison Turner (Jesse), Michael Luongo (Michael, Alex (swing))


(Most of the Barney songs in the show have been remixed. The music style that the song has been remixed will be listed next to the song title. "Orignal" means that the song is unchanged in arrangement)

Act 1

  1. Barney Theme Song (Hip Hop)
  2. If You're Happy and You Know It (Techno)
  3. The Wheels on the Bus (Hip Hop)
  4. Throw Your Hands Up
  5. Our Friend Barney Had a Band (Jazz)
  6. Itsy Bitsy Spider (Hip Hop)
  7. Alphabet Song (Calypso)
  8. Mr. Knickerbocker (Original)
  9. Dino Dance (Pop)
  10. Rock Like a Monkey (Original) (Not on the Soundtrack)
  11. Move It Like This
  12. Clean Up (March)

Act 2

  1. A Rock N Roll Star (Rock)
  2. Together, Together (Original)
  3. Colors All Around (Original)
  4. Baby Bop Hop (Original)
  5. Silly Sounds (Original)
  6. The Clapping Song (Country)
  7. If All the Raindrops (World Music)
  8. Icy, Creamy Ice Cream (Rap)
  9. Snackin' on Healthy Food (Pop)
  10. What I Like About You
  11. Someone to Love You Forever (Ballad)
  12. Happy Birthday to You (Rock)
  13. Together With You (Pop - Written exclusively for Barney Live)
  14. I Love You (Folk)
  15. Together With You (Reprise) (Pop) (Not on the Soundtrack)


Original Cast

Final Touring Cast


  • VEE built custom costumes for this show, based off the cartoon illustrations of Barney and friends, rather than asking permission to use the costumes on the TV show (like with past shows). Despite this, they initially used a spare Barney costume from HiT to do the "Dino Seats" meet and greets, as well as promotional appearances. Starting in April 2011, a newer Barney suit, provided by HiT themselves, was used. However the TV costumes are used in the Asian tour. 
  • B.J. is the only dino in the show without a double.
  • During the Itsy Bitsy Spider, Barney and the other dinos often walk into the front rows of the audience and meet fans for a nearly a minute. This depends on the venue, however.
  • The script originally had one of the cast members mention how Barney was dressed up (the original costumes had a bowtie). The line was removed once VEE began using a HiT Barney costume for the show.

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