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Image As seen in Year Notes
1st ever Barney doll Barney & the Backyard Gang (intro) 1988-1989 The first Barney doll ever used. He looks more like a true dinosaur than later dolls. This plush has green soles on the bottom of the feet, based off of the soles on the Barney costume (though in a different color). The mouth is a red strip of felt, shaped like a smile.
IMG01530 Barney Goes to School 1990-1991 This later BYG Barney doll is more of a plush toy than the previous one. In addition to the decreased height, the doll has no toes, is purple, and has a white strip for a mouth. A version of this doll with out the strip was sold in stores and used in Rock with Barney
BarneyDollS1-02 Barney & Friends Season 1Oh, What a Day! 1992 The Barney doll shown here is more acurate to the costumed Barney. While it still lacks the toes, most of Barney's characteristics are spot on.

Barney & Friends Season 2 Stop, Look and Be Safe!

1993-1996 The doll is closer to Barney than even the previous one was. This one includes the purple guy's famous yellow toes, while the face is given a bit of a lift. The arms are even posable.

Barney & Friends
Seasons 4-6
1997-2000 This doll is slightly chubbier and his eyes are a bit farther from his forehead.
Barney & Friends
Seasons 5-6, "Barney's Christmas Star", and "All Aboard!"
1998-2002 This doll is similar to the Season 4 doll, but is less chubby and has a wider smile.


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Barney's Great Adventure, Barney's Big Surprise, Barney's Colorful World 1998-2004 These productions used Barney dolls that could be bought in stores (Big Surprise using a 3 foot Barney plush toy, while Colorful World, Great Adventure and even Musical Castle used a 12 inch plush toy), rather than the custom made ones used on the TV series

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