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Barney & Friends Episode Videos are home videos that contains a Barney & Friends episode or Barney & Friends episodes. Originally, this series of home videos was called the "Barney & Friends Collection". However, those videos only contained one episode from Seasons 1-3 and, normally, the title of the tape was changed. Technically Most Season 9 Videos count as episode videos since the both of the two halves would later be split into actual episodes.

North American Home Videos

# Title Release date Episodes Featured
1 Barney's Birthday September 2, 1992 Formerly titled Happy Birthday, Barney!
2 Barney's Best Manners February 4, 1993 Formerly titled A Splash Party, Please
3 Barney Rhymes with Mother Goose May 26, 1993 Formerly titled Let's Help Mother Goose!
4 Barney's Home Sweet Homes August 25, 1993 Formerly titled Home Sweet Homes
5 Down on Barney's Farm 1993/ February 12, 1998 Down on Barney's Farm
6 Let's Pretend with Barney January 19, 1994 Formerly titled "An Adventure in Make Believe"
7 Barney's Alphabet Zoo April 27, 1994 Formerly titled "The Alphabet Zoo"
8 Barney's Families are Special February 7, 1995 Formerly titled "A Very Special Delivery!"
9 Making New Friends August 8, 1995 Formerly titled "On the Move"
10 Barney's All Aboard for Sharing January 23, 1996 Formerly titled "Who's Who on the Choo Choo?"
11 Barney's Exercise Circus/Barney's Parade of Numbers July 2, 1996 The Exercise Circus!, and Having Tens of Fun!
12 Barney's Colors & Shapes March 18, 1997 "The Treasure of Rainbow Beard" and "Red, Blue and Circles Too!"
13 Barney's Good Clean Fun / Oh, Brother...She's My Sister November 3, 1998 "Good, Clean Fun!" and "Oh, Brother...She's My Sister"
14 A to Z with Barney May 8, 2001 "What's in a Name?" and "Howdy, Friends!"
15 Barney's It's A Happy Day! June 24, 2003 Formerly titled "It's a Happy Day"
16 Barney's It's Nice to Meet You June 24, 2003 Formerly titled A New Friend
17 Barney's Red, Yellow and Blue! August 5, 2003 Formerly titled "Red, Yellow and Blue!"
18 Barney's Numbers! Numbers! August 5, 2003 Formerly titled "Numbers! Numbers!"
19 Happy Mad Silly Sad December 16, 2003 "Everybody's Got Feelings" and "Caring Hearts"
20 Movin' and Groovin' March 9, 2004 Let's Make Music! and Movin' Along
21 Let's Pretend with Barney May 11, 2004 Let Your Creativity Fly! and "Imagine That!
22 Now I Know My ABCs July 13, 2004 A Wonderful World of Colors and Shapes and Easy as ABC
23 Ready, Set, Play! December 28, 2004 : "Coming On Strong" and "Let's Play Games!"
24 Just Imagine May 3, 2005 "Keep On Truckin'" and "I'm A Builder"
25 Everyone Is Special July 5, 2005 "All About Me" and "My Baby Brother"
26 Shake Your Dino Tail! May 15, 2007 "My Friends, The Doctor and the Dentist" and "Play for Exercise!"
27 Sharing is Caring! August 11, 2009 "Sharing Is Caring!" and "A Picture of Friendship"
28 We Love Our Family November 17, 2009 "That's What a Mommy Is","Welcome, Cousin Riff" and

"Grandpa's Visit"

29 Please and Thank You January 5, 2010 The Magic Words, Tea-riffic Manners and Caring Hearts"
30 Egg-Cellent Adventures March 2, 2010 "Mother Goose", '"Ducks and Fish"

and "Rabbits"

31 Furry Friends July 27, 2010 "Here Kitty, Kitty!",

"Best in Show" and "Puppy Love"

32 Musical Zoo January 4, 2011 "Riff's Musical Zoo", "Special Skills"

and "Rhythm"'

32 Shapes and Colors All Around February 8, 2011 "Squares, Squares Everywhere" and '"A Wonderful World of Colors and Shapes"
33 1-2-3 Learn July 12, 2011 "Shapes",


and "Letters"

34 Clean Up, Clean Up! March 6, 2012 "Litterbot" ''"All Aboard!", and

"The Nature of Things"

35 Planes, Trains & Cars May 15, 2012 "On the Road Again"


"The Magic Caboose" and

"Way to Go!: A Travel Adventure"

36 All About Opposites July 10, 2012 "Stop! Go!"

"A Little Big Day"

and "It's Hot! It's Cold!"

37 Most Loveable Moments September 18, 2012 "Once Upon a Fairy Tale",

"The Reluctant Dragon: A Fairy Tale Adventure",

"The Princess and the Frog",

"Bonjour, Barney!: France",

"Little Red Rockin' Hood".

"Beethoven's Hear!",

"It's Showtime!",


"Days of the Week",

38 Let's Go to the Doctor November 6, 2012 "My Friends, The Doctor and the Dentist",

"The Awful Tooth",

and "Vets"

39 Let's Go to the Moon January 8, 2013 "Dream Big",

"The Misbegotten Moon: A Space Adventure",

and "The Amazing Captain Pickles: A Hero Adventure"

40 Play with Barney March 5, 2013 "Let's Play Games!", ''"Playing Games",

"Riff to the Rescue!: A Wild West Adventure",

and "For the Fun of It"

41 Dance with Barney May 21, 2013 "Dancing", ''"Movin' Along",

and "Dance with Me"

42 Imagine with Barney July 9, 2013 "Imagine That!", "Seeing",

"Let Your Creativity Fly!",

and Let's Go for a Ride!"

43 Most Huggable Moments September 17, 2013 "Big as Barney", ''"Separation",

"What's Your Name?",


"Full Team Ahead",

"Glad to Be Me",

and "Dino-Mite Birthday" (DVD Copy only)

44 Perfectly Purple November 12, 2013 "A Perfectly Purple Day", '"Arts",

and "Neighborhoods"

45 Story Time with Barney January 21, 2014 "Fairy Tales", '"The Emperor's Contest",

and "The Sword in the Sandbox: A Storybook Adventure"

46 Happy Birthday, Barney! April 15, 2014 "It's Your Birthday, Barney!", '"Caring",

and "The Magic Lamp: A Travel Adventure"

47 This Is How I Feel November 11, 2014 "That Makes Me Mad!", '"Get Happy!",

"No, No, No!",

and "Making Mistakes"

48 Tee-Rific Bugs & Animals March 3, 2015 "Butterflies", '"Bugs",


and "At Home in the Park"

49 It's Showtime with Barney June 9, 2015 "Lights! Camera! Action!: A Movie Adventure",

"Look What I Can Do!",

and "Kenya

50 Barney's Worldwide Adventure! October 13, 2015 "Bienvenido, Barney: Mexico",

"¡Ahora Mismo!: Spain",

"Venice, Anyone?: Italy",

"Sweeter Than Candy: Greece",

"The Music Box: Switzerland",

"The Good Egg: Kenya",

and "A Bird of a Different Feather: Hawaii"

51 Dinos in the Park February 16, 2016 "Sharing", "Colors", "Hearing",

"Pot Full of Sunshine", "Listen!",

and "You Can Count on Me!"

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