The end credits to Barney & Friends appear at the end of all episodes of the television series. The background and the music have changed over the years, but they still serve their purpose of giving credit to the show's cast and crew.

Background Changes

  • In the first three seasons, the background consisted of an art table with paintings that change throughout the credits. In Season 1, the pictures related to the episode, while in Seasons 2 and 3, the pictures are the same for each episode. In addition, the credits for Season 3 have a "paint effect" on them, to blur the background similar to the Barney Says segment in the same season.
  • In Seasons 4-6 from 1997–2000, the credits showed different kids' feet or shoes tapping or rubbing in rhythm on a purple TV that shows the credits. This was done similarly to the intro at the time.
  • From Season 7-Season 13, from 2002–2009, the background is white with paint-like patterns flashing.
  • On Season 14 from 2010, The Barney & Friends Logo and the PBS KIDS website link is now shown with the background changing colors. In addition, clips of various episodes featured in the same season are shown at the right.

Song Changes

  • In the first three seasons, an unnamed original song played during the credits. In Season 3, it was sometimes shortened, if the credits were shorter, but also, it will also rerun in Season 1, in some cases by using the Season 3 end credits but Season 3's credits will be Season 1's credits running under the background of the End Credits & Ending of Season 3.
  • In Seasons 4-6, the credits song was a remix of the one used in Seasons 1-3.
  • In Season 7-13 the song that plays during the credits is an instrumental arrangement of Barney is a Dinosaur. In Season 12, it was shortened.
  • Since Season 14, the credits song is the instrumental arrangement of the Barney Theme from the same seaon.


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