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Barney Home Video
Barney's Talent Show
Talent show
Release Date March 26, 1996
Rereleased Yes
Available on DVD No
Written by Mark S. Bernthal
Directed by Pat Smith
Barney Songs (video)
Barney's Fun & Games

Barney's Talent Show is a Barney Home Video that was released in March 26, 1996.


Barney and the kids put on a big revue, with the Purple One performing a number of songs with others or solo, and some of the kids getting their moment in the spotlight as well even though Stephen has stage fright by himself. Plenty of great costumes and sets, with songs ranging from "Alouette" to a "Wild West Medley." Even heavier than usual in its music content, this Barney video will delight kids who like to sing along.



Talent Show
Title Card
EmjfanAdded by Emjfan
  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Sarasponda
  3. Puttin' On a Show
  4. Min's Flapper Song
  5. Puttin' On a Show (Reprise)
  6. The More We Share Together (Tune: The More We Get Together)
  7. Wild West Medley (Get Along Little Doggies/Home on the Range/Buffalo Gals)
    BarneyDoll TalentShow
    The Barney doll closing from this video
    VinhchauleAdded by Vinhchaule
  8. Alouette
  9. Blue Danube Waltz
  10. Down By the Bay
  11. A Frog Went A-Wooing Go
  12. La Raspa (Mexican Hat Dance)
  13. Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-Dee-Ay
  14. Happy Dancin'
  15. We've Got Shoes
  16. Puttin' On a Show (Finale)
  17. I Love You




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