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Barney Home Video
Barney's Magical Musical Adventure
Release Date January 27, 1993
Rereleased Yes
Available on DVD No
Written by Stephen White
Directed by Jim Rowley
Barney's Birthday
Barney's Best Manners

Barney's Magical Musical Adventure is a Barney Home Video that was released on VHS on January 27, 1993


Barney's friends are playing in Derek's backyard while building a sand castle. When they wish they could visit a real castle, Barney appears and takes them to a magical forest. They meet a friendly elf named Twynkle who likes to play games and make new friends. She shows them the road to the royal fairy tale castle where they ride pretend horses and meet a real king! After taking care of the royal fairy tale castle while the king goes fishing, the kids are made princes and princesses of the kingdom.

Stories: None

Barney's Magical Musical Adventure Title Card-0

Title Card

Song List

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. The Noble Duke Of York
  3. Castles So High
  4. Castles So High (Reprise)
  5. Silly Sounds
  6. Looby Loo
  7. Go Round and Round the Village
  8. If I Had One Wish
  9. Old King Cole
  10. Tea Party Medley (Polly Put the Kettle On, Little Jack Horner, The Muffin Man, Pat-A-Cake, Pease Porridge Hot, and Sing a Song of Sixpence)
  11. I Am a Fine Musician
  12. It's Good To Be Home
  13. I Love You



Barney & his Friends pretending to be Horses.


  • Production for this video began in July 1992.
  • This video marks:
    • The final time Jenny Dempsey performs as Baby Bop. She would later perform as BJ in the second season
    • The final appearance of the Season 1 intro sequence
    • The last appearance of the Season 1 Barney doll.
    • The final usage of the Season 1 Baby Bop costume.
    • The final time Baby Bop is as tall as Barney. 
    • The final usage of the Season 1 Barney costume.
    • The first usage of a new arrangement for "I Love You" that would be frequently used during Season 2, except that some of the instruments have been changed.
  • Rick Wetzel (who plays the king) is the father of Susannah Wetzel (who plays the role of Julie).
  • This video was featured in the exclusive Blockbuster Video release "Barney's Valentine Adventure" (along with "Be My Valentine, Love Barney").
  • Min would later make a reference to this video in Sing and Dance with Barney.


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