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Barney Home Video
Barney's Birthday
Happy Birthday Barney
Release Date September 2, 1992
Rereleased Yes
Available on DVD No
Written by Stephen White
Directed by Jim Rowley
Rock with Barney
Barney's Magical Musical Adventure

Barney's Birthday is a Barney & Friends Episode Video that was released on VHS to stores on September 2, 1992.


See: Happy Birthday, Barney!


  • This is the first episode video ever released of Barney & Friends.
  • This marks the first Video to contain the 1992-1995 Barney Home Video logo. For some copies of this VHS they use the 1991-1993 Connecticut Public Television logo, the fundings from Season 1, and the silent version of the 1989-1993 PBS logo.
  • On the back of the 1992 VHS cover there's a picture of Barney and the kids playing musical chairs, however, that does not happen in this video.


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