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Barney Home Video
Barney's Sense-Sational Day
Release Date January 14, 1997
Rereleased Yes
Available on DVD No
Written by Mark S. Bernthal
Directed by Fred Holmes
Run Time 52 Minutes
Once Upon a Time
Barney's Colors & Shapes

"Barney's Sense-Sational Day" is a Barney Home Video that was released on January 14, 1997.


Barney discusses the subject of our five senses, and he encourages the kids to use video to capture everything they see, hear, touch, smell, or taste over the course of a day. When they're done with that, everyone gets involved in making a movie with BJ in the lead, much to his delight. There's only one word to describe this much fun: Sense-Sational!


Song List

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. The Rainbow Song
  3. Mix a Color
  4. Taking Turns
  5. The Having Fun Song
  6. Listen to the Mockingbird (Barney's Version)
  7. Listen
  8. The Exercise Song
  9. Have a Snack!
  10. Brushing My Teeth
  11. The Having Fun Song (Reprise)
  12. The Popcorn Song
  13. The Five Senses Song
  14. I Love You


  • This video marked:
  • Although this video was released in 1997, you can actually see "Copyright 1996 Lyons Partnership, L.P." at the end of the credits. This may mean that this video was produced in 1996.
  • Baby Bop is mentioned near the end (BJ refers to her as "Sissy").
  • The jobs that BJ wanted to be a baseball player, a cowboy and a astronaut are later reused in Good Job!.


Barney's Sense-Sational Day Trailer 199701:43

Barney's Sense-Sational Day Trailer 1997



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