Barney's A Great Day for Learning
41N909728PL SL500 AA300
Original Album
Released July 27, 1999
Length 42:14
Label Lyrick Studios & Barney Music
Koch Records (Reprint)
Produced by David Bernard Wolf
Preceded by Barney's Sing Along: In Outer Space
Succeeded by Barney's Sing Along: Night Before Christmas

Barney's A Great Day for Learning is an album that was released on July 27, 1999. It is designed to educate children about colors, counting & numbers, going to school, the library, books, the letters of the alphabet, opposites and even the days of the week.

It was soon re-released by Koch Records in 2003.[1]


  1. Good Morning
  2. I Put a Smile On
  3. Look Both Ways
  4. Colors All Around
  5. My Jeans are Always Blue
  6. Mix a Color
  7. A Great Day for Counting
  8. One Two Buckle My Shoe
  9. Pennies in My Pocket
  10. Numbers, Numbers
  11. Find the Numbers in Your House
  12. Why
  13. The Library
  14. Books Are Fun!
  15. The Classroom Song
  16. The Alphabet Parade
  17. I Am Learning to Spell My Name
  18. That Sounds Like an Opposite to Me!
  19. Try and Try Again
  20. Seven Days
  21. Today, We Can Say!
  22. I Love You


A Great Day for Learning VHS Cover

Cassette Tape



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  1. KOCH Entertainment and HIT Entertainment's Lyons Partnership, L.P. Ink Deal for Barney(R) the Dinosaur Audio Catalog

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