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The Evolution of BJ (1993-present).

Image As seen in Year Notes
Barney & Friends Season 2 1993 This is the very first BJ costume. It is quite different from the future costumes. This costume includes a tongue. He is as tall as Barney and he has a deeper and more husky voice. His mouth is a lot more movable than future costumes. His head is also connected and his mouth works in a similar way to Barney's. The three hairs on the head of this costume are more disheveled than future costumes.
Barney Live! In New York City & Barney's Imagination Island 1994-1995 A smaller concept of the first costume. He is shorter & the same size as Baby Bop in her then season 2 size. His bottom jaw is connected to the top of his stomach. His shoulder's are shaped differently. BJ's hat is also recycled from the first one. This was also used on live appearances and Barney books at the time.
Barney & Friends Season 3 1995 BJ is now around the same height as Baby Bop. His head is wider, and becomes separate from the rest of his body. The performer bobs his head up and down to make the mouth move. BJ's pupils are a lot more smaller. This costume's three hairs are slightly longer longer. His nose nostrils and pupils are also moved more near his eyes. His eyes are moved slightly closer to each other. BJ's voice goes up a notch to a higher-pitched and more cheerful sound.He has no tounge
Barney's Fun & Games 1996-1997 This costume is not much different from the previous version, except that his pupils become slightly bigger and his spots are more brighter.

Notice: In Barney's Sense-Sational Day  and later appearances of this costume, BJ's mouth is noticeably less movable.

Barney & Friends Season 4 1997-2002 The head becomes a bit more round and the lower jaw becomes a bit smaller and unlike the previous costume, the jaw is barely moveable. The face also has a friendlier design than previous and future costumes.The voice becomes higher and sounds a bit more cheerful.

There are two variations of this costume being used:

  • 1997: The pupils in the eyes were more moveable.
  • 1998-2002: The head shape usually varies, but most of the time it is taller and slightly narrower than the previous.

Barney & Friends Season 7

2002-present BJ's head is now wider and his voice is a bit higher-pitched. His mouth also becomes a lot more moveable. The lower jaw is now a lot more visible. The three points on his cranium are also longer and bend less backward than previous incarnations. His three hairs protruding from his hat also become shorter.

Several variations of this costume have been used for the past seven years:

  • 2002: The head is, of course, rounder and wider. This version of the costume included a bottom jaw that moved without the assistance of the bobbing of the performer's head. This mechanism was short-lived due to difficulty the mechanism added to the performance.
  • 2003: The eyes become a bit bigger.
  • 2004-2005: The head is now a lot more wider than previously. The lower jaw becomes more moveable by bobbing the performer's head up and down.
  • 2006-2007: The head is now slightly narrower.
  • 2008-Present: The head is now even more narrow than previously, and the snout becomes slightly smaller.

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