Series Information
Type: Main Character- (2002-2004)
Seasons: 7, 8
First appearance: All Aboard!
Last appearance: It's Your Birthday, Barney!
Portrayer: Demi Lovato

Angela was a character that appeared in Season 7 and 8 of Barney & Friends. She was portrayed by future well-known Disney star Demi Lovato as one of her earliest roles in television.

About Angela

  • Glasses: When she first appeared in "All Aboard!", Angela did not wear glasses. She started wearing them in her second appearance: "Stop! Go!".
  • In "Come Blow Your Horn!", Angela was learning to play the trumpet.
  • Angela loves cats. She plays with the cats at the animal shelter, and has a cat of her own at home, as stated in "Here Kitty, Kitty!".


Season 7

  1. All Aboard! (First Appearance)
  2. Stop! Go!
  3. Come Blow Your Horn!
  4. This Way In! This Way Out!
  5. Three Lines, Three Corners
  6. Splish! Splash!

Season 8

  1. Here Kitty, Kitty!
  2. A Little Big Day
  3. Squares, Squares Everywhere!
  4. It's Your Birthday, Barney! (non-speaking cameo/final appearance)

Home Videos

  1. Read with Me, Dance with Me


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