Barney & Friends Episode
An Adventure in Make-Believe
Season 2, Episode 15


An Adventure in Make-Believe

Air date October 15, 1993
Written by Stephen White
Directed by Bruce Deck
Theme Imagination
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"An Adventure in Make Believe" is the fifteenth episode from the second season of Barney & Friends.


BJ needs to learn to use his imagination after he got a note from a princess, so Barney and the kids help him by doing some imagination activities. They even show him how to imagine the playground is a jungle, and search for the fair princess Baby Bop!


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. The Little Bird
  3. Just Imagine
  4. If I Lived Under the Sea
  5. Home on the Range
  6. The Airplane Song
  7. Jungle Adventure
  8. Just Imagine (Reprise)
  9. I Love You

    Barney Doll From An Adventure in Make Believe


  • On January 19, 1994, this episode was released on home video as Let's Pretend with Barney. However, on the front cover, it says "Introducing BJ". Although his actual debut was in "Look at Me, I'm 3!", this was his first home video appearance. The back of the cover also implies of this as David's first appearance as well, although he first appeared in "My Favorite Things".
  • During the closing shot with the Barney doll, an airplane sound effect was heard. For some reason, this is not heard in some versions of the episode.
  • On the PBS Pledge Drive version for this episode, "The Airplane Song" and some scenes were cut to make this episode shorter. To acknowledge these changes, Bob West redubbed the Barney Says segment to not include "The Airplane Song" scene.
  • This is the only time David appeared without Kathy.

International Edits

  • In some international versions, this episode was shortened.